Guian New District Market Supervision Bureau Huchao Branch: strengthen the school canteen inspection build a solid food safety defense line

2022-07-26 0 By

In order to further do a good job of the normal epidemic prevention and control work, build a solid campus food safety barrier.Recently, The Huchao Branch of Guian New Area Market Supervision Bureau carried out special inspections on the canteens of 29 primary and secondary schools, kindergartens, colleges and technical secondary schools in the area, and conducted in-depth investigations on food safety risks and hidden dangers to ensure the safety of dining for teachers and students.Before the special inspection, The Huchao Branch organized a meeting on campus food safety work, requiring all schools to earnestly fulfill the main responsibility of food safety, conscientiously carry out self-inspection, and ensure that the catering conditions are met.During the inspection, the agency organization system of law enforcement personnel focus on campus canteen management, personnel management, environmental health, materials control, processing and production, inspection facilities, tableware cleaning and sanitation conditions, careful screening each link food safety hidden trouble, and found the problem in the process of checking the school puts forward the guidance for reform.At the same time, the bureau insisted on regular epidemic prevention and control work, requiring schools to implement hygiene disinfection, temperature testing and other prevention and control measures to ensure the safety of teachers and students.Combined with the actual situation of inspection, 3 schools were ordered to rectify the notice, requiring rectification within a time limit.Campus food safety is related to the healthy growth of students.In the next step, The Huchao Branch of Guian New District Market Supervision Bureau will further increase the inspection efforts of campus canteens, establish a long-term working mechanism, and protect the “tongue safety” of teachers and students by continuously strengthening the food safety supervision of campus canteens.Guizhou Daily sky eye news reporter Judy editor Judy editor Wang Li Luo Chang