50W firm offer 70 days, today’s loss of 11,000 yuan

2022-07-26 0 By

Today’s close A shares three index collective closed up, market outbreak, the track stocks rose.Today closed down 1.80%, full day amplitude 3.91%, turnover 3.371 billion yuan.Although continue to fall today, but from the k-chart, has been a K line with upper and lower lines, multi is not like yesterday was no fight back, the large probability of the end of the callback.1. After today’s opening, the stock price is in a state of “straight up and down”. This is often a good time to do T.2. After the stock price rose, it began to fall back. At that time, it seemed that the volume was not large, and the timeshare chart was in a state of violent fluctuation, so it bought 4000 shares by financing.The weekend after two days of bad news fermentation, seems to have come to an end, the next to see how the market will develop.Personal judgment tomorrow will be a day of fighting between many and empty, tomorrow the probability will close a k-line with a shadow line, in the morning time, seize the opportunity, bold low suction, sell on high.