Xi ‘an legal system this year: the standardization of law enforcement construction took a solid step, the “blueprint for the rule of law and public security” added the finishing touch

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Since 2021, the city’s legal department has been deployed according to the arrangement of the municipal Bureau, closely around the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Party, the “14th Movement” security “two major events”, promote the “three learning”, adhere to the “three strengthening”, highlight the “three focus”, achieve the “three establish”, to promote the rule of law and public security construction of high-quality development as the goal,We will continue to deepen the standardization of law enforcement and the reform of law enforcement oversight and management mechanisms.An important way to study and implement Xi Jinping Thought on the Rule of law is to constantly consolidate and deepen the standardization of law enforcement, follow a blueprint to the end, and make unremitting efforts for a long time.Looking back on the legal department this year, xi ‘an Public Security Bureau made remarkable achievements in terms of collective honor: Xi ‘an Public Security Bureau ranked first in the provincial public security organs’ assessment of law enforcement quality in 2020;Xi ‘an Public Security Bureau was rated by the provincial Public Security Department as the law enforcement quality assessment and evaluation winning organization unit;Baqiao, Gaofao, Jingkai, Lintong, Yanliang, Fengdong, Jinghe branch was rated as provincial public security organs excellent law enforcement quality public security bureau;In December 2021, the Legal Affairs Detachment won the honorary title of “National Advanced Collective for Safeguarding the Rights and Interests of Women and Children”.Seven legal departments were awarded as pacesetters and pacesetters in the actual combat training of police force in 2021;Five legal departments were awarded third-class merit and collective commendation;In the special operation of security and stability maintenance of the 14th Transport Movement, the legal department won the third batch of wartime commendation collective award for security and stability maintenance, and the provincial collective notification of praise for many times.In terms of personal honors, Zhao Ting, leader of Baqiao Branch Legal brigade, was awarded the “National Advanced Individual of Law popularization work”, and 22 members of the legal department were selected as the model instructor and individual model for the whole police actual combat training;15 people were awarded third-class merit and outstanding achievements.First, integrate the two education, promote the “three studies”, build a solid political and police “ideological foundation” integration of party history education and public security team education, comprehensively promote the “two education” to go deep and solid, with practical actions to achieve the “two protection”.First, “The first topic”, “guidance”, effectively build a loyal police soul.Based on weekly meeting, strictly implement the system of “the first issue”, highlight the ideological construction of the party’s fundamental construction and immediately communicate learning in general secretary “July 1” important speech, to shan xi important speech and important precepts spirit, the spirit of the sixth plenary session of the 19 series, study and implement the opinion, improve the masses of party members theoretical consciousness, thought consciousness and conscious action.In the security and stability maintenance work of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Party, the organic unity of legal effect, social effect and political effect should be achieved based on the legal responsibility.Second, precise positioning of “helping students” and continuous efforts to transform thinking.Organize all the police to write “team education rectification • to the organization to say the truth” sentiment, consciously talk about understanding, experience, find deficiencies, clear direction;All the police filled in the questionnaire on the ideological transformation of the police in the troop education and rectification, carried out ideological correction analysis and judgment, and timely talked about correction.Third, the law enforcement standards “practice”, steadily promote the standardization of law enforcement construction.We made solid progress in addressing intractable problems in law enforcement during the process of education rectification, investigation, rectification, and rectification, and issued four plans including the Plan for The Special Rectification of Intractable problems and the Evaluation of Key Cases in The Education Rectification work of The Municipal Public Security Forces. Since 2020, we have sorted out and investigated the problems of “cases not being prosecuted, cases not being investigated, and crimes not being prosecuted”.Xi ‘an Public Security Bureau issued the implementation rules of “Seven Regulations of Public Security Organs Prohibiting Law Enforcement for Profit” (trial), Xi ‘an Public Security Bureau promoted law enforcement to accept public supervision eight measures, Xi ‘an Public Security Bureau standardized law enforcement construction “scientific classification and accurate policyA series of systems, including the work plan of catching up and surpassing, the implementation plan of 2021 reform of law enforcement supervision and management mechanism of the public security organs of The city, and the notice of Xi ‘an Public Security Bureau on clarifying the standards for filing and prosecuting criminal cases of theft and robbery.Two, adhere to the “three strengthening”, deepen the standardization of law enforcement “system construction”, draw a good legal business “new blueprint”.In May, the “intelligent legal system” platform of Xi ‘an Public Security Bureau was built and completed, which fully covered the law enforcement process, law enforcement information, law enforcement risks and supervision.June 21, the organization held 2021 the city’s public security organs law enforcement standardization construction on-site promotion meeting, deputy mayor, city Bureau Party Secretary, director Xiao Xiliang from strengthening political guidance, supervision and management mechanism reform, key tasks to promote, legal team construction and other four aspects of the overall standardization of law enforcement construction made a comprehensive arrangement.On July 9, the provincial public security organs’ standardized law enforcement construction of “scientific classification, Accurate implementation of policies, catch-up and Transcendence” on-site work was held in our city, and the advanced experience in the construction of intelligent legal platform of our bureau and the construction of intelligent case management room of grassroots police stations was promoted in the province.Second, we will strengthen daily supervision.By day and week to urge, monthly, annual summary form for examination and assessment, make standardize law enforcement “four must” weeks about 49, early warning and law enforcement issues 5468, fell 34.8% year on year, among them, lintong brigade of legal system on the basis of legal team weekly report, through the upper and lower linkage supervision, 48 period issued by the lintong branch, standardize law enforcement “four must” weekly bulletin,Notice of irregularities in law enforcement in the last week.More than 50 on-the-spot inspections were carried out at law enforcement and case handling sites, report reporting areas and case management offices; more than 1,300 cases transferred to them by provincial departments, discipline inspection teams in the local bureaus, the Law and Discipline Discipline Department, and the Letters and Visits Office were evaluated; 120 administrative and criminal cases were randomly checked regularly; and more than 900 video and audio data on law enforcement and video screenshots of suspects in case handling sites were collected.November 4, deputy mayor, city bureau party committee secretary, director Xiao Xiliang in the legal detachment “the implementation of the standard law enforcement” four must “weekly report (162)” on the instructions: very good!We will vigorously promote standardized law enforcement.Zhou Junhu, member of the Municipal Party Committee and deputy director of the Municipal Bureau, commented: Gaoxing and Yanta sub-bureaus implemented the spirit of the provincial public security organs “7.9” conference with great strength and solid measures, and took the lead in completing the construction of police station case management room in the city, which should be praised by the notice.Third, we will strengthen “transportation guarantee”.The law Enforcement Manual and comic books for the 14th Paralympic Games, the 11th Paralympic Games and the 8th Special Olympics have been compiled and made available to officers via the Police APP.Organized “The 14th Games of the People’s Republic of China On-site Law Enforcement Guidelines” learning competition activity, selected 7 excellent videos for overall learning.Fourth, strengthen experience summary.On September 18, 2021, the Legal Affairs Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security published two briefs on the website of Xi ‘an Legal affairs Work: xi ‘an Public Security Bureau Standardized On-site Law Enforcement Service Grand Event and Xi ‘an Public Security Bureau Achieved Positive Results in Deepening legal Training. The standardized law enforcement work was affirmed by the Ministry of Public Security.Three, highlight the “three focus”, implement the “people call to our bank”, build a service for the masses “practice test” first, focus on the “innovation mechanism”, convenient policy “upgrade”.It innovatively formulated Eight Measures to Promote Law Enforcement to Accept Public Supervision and carried out online Application for Administrative Reconsideration, which were published in The eighth edition of Legal Daily on November 1, 2021.Second, we will focus on “relieving difficulties” and take “more targeted” measures for the people.On April 2nd, team to the white campus of northwest university, to carry out the “history does the practical work practice solution MinYou” activities, combined with physical and mental characteristics between teachers and students, with 110 JieChuJing work, prevention of telecom fraud, refused to illegal loans and other campus as the theme of the display boards, 16) legal brochures, more than 200 zhang xian public security propaganda posters, typical case video AD 4 sets,Provide legal advice and answer other questions more than 60 times.Third, we will focus on the rights and interests of women and children and safeguard the protection of women and children.We have pooled the synergy of the rule of law and coordinated government departments to protect the legitimate rights and interests of women and children throughout the entire process and in all aspects of law enforcement, the judiciary, and the dissemination of the law, and relied on the strength of the rule of law to build a solid barrier.Four, achieve “three establish”, pay attention to “training soldiers to empower”, build high-quality Xi ‘an public security “legal iron army”.It issued four Measures to Improve the Legal Literacy of Police officers, awarding individual awards to police who pass the senior Law enforcement qualification examination and the National Uniform Legal Professional qualification examination, and giving priority to cadres under the same conditions.In 2020, 112 police officers passed the National Unified Legal professional qualification examination and senior law Enforcement qualification examination, double the number of the previous year, and 28 of them were promoted or promoted.Second, we should set up a training orientation of “training to promote war” so that elite troops have a stage.Participated in the special work of training, assessment and education of the municipal public security organs, and dispatched police battalions to 17 county bureaus and police stations to give 13 special lectures on risk prevention of administrative law enforcement, with more than 2,300 policemen participating in the training.The Legal Affairs Team of Beilin Sub-bureau established the Working System of Full-time Legal Affairs Officers of Beilin Sub-Bureau of Public Security, and held the selection examination of full-time legal affairs officers, legal training, preliminary contest of red-blue confrontation, and red-blue confrontation legal debate contest in the sub-bureau, which further strengthened legal supervision and improved law enforcement.Third, we should set up a strong theoretical armed orientation to enrich the carrier.In order to improve the level of police theoretical research, more than 10 essay solicitation activities have been organized, and more than 100 papers have been received.In May 2021, I participated in the essay writing activity of “Learning from A Powerful Country with me” organized by the Theoretical Teacher Group of the Municipal Committee of The CPC. The book “Learning, Thinking, Practicing, Realizing, And Building Dreams together” written by the police of the Legal Affairs Branch was published on the Xi ‘an LEARNING platform of learning from a Powerful Country APP.Published on July 1, new city bureau arrested the criminal case evidence standard guidelines (second edition) “, including “routine is borrowed”, have been added to the “illegal lending”, “broken card action”, etc in which putting special struggle, against the government telecommunications network fraud crime in the light of new type of crime forensics, the full implementation of the trial centered lawsuit system reform,We will further strengthen the standardization of law enforcement at the community level.The more you know, the deeper you know, the more you reach.In 2022, the municipal legal department continued to practice the spirit of the sixth Plenary Session of the 19th Central Committee,With the goal of focusing on the rule of law in public security, and with the focus on deepening the reform of the law enforcement oversight and management mechanism, we will consolidate and deepen the achievements made in the education and rectification of the public security forces, address deep-rooted problems in law enforcement, accelerate the work of formulating laws and regulations, and effectively implement the requirements for strict, standardized, fair, and civilized law enforcement.To further improve the level of rule of law and the credibility of law enforcement in Xi ‘an public security work, to promote the high-quality development of public security work, to perform the mission of the new era to provide a strong legal guarantee!Source: Xi ‘an Legal System