How long did it take the Mongols to take Kiev more than 700 years ago?After the war, there were only about 200 households in the city

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At present, the situation of the war between Russia and Ukraine is still not clear, and everyone is waiting for a result.Opinions vary around the world, and many people are discussing the justice and justification of the war, because in the face of modern war, people are more willing to embrace peace.Just a hundred years ago, before entering the world of modern war mode, most of the time, you can fight how you want to fight, who cares whether war is justified?Today’s Mongolia is a landlocked country between Russia and China. 700 years ago, the Mongol Empire was a country that fought on horseback. Genghis Khan, as everyone is familiar with, was the founder of great Mongolia.He constantly launched foreign wars and conquered the Jin Dynasty, The Western Liao Dynasty, the Khwarazm Dynasty, the Western Xia Dynasty and so on, leaving the figure of the Mongolian iron cavalry in west Asia and north Asia.But they wanted to build an empire that stretched across Asia and Europe, so the Mongols swept through Europe, and they also attacked Kiev. How long did it take the mighty Mongol horsemen to take Kiev?After the war, only about 200 families remained in Kiev.When Genghis Khan was alive, he had destroyed the Western Liao, Khwarazm, xixia (genghis Khan died of illness on the way) and swept the grasslands of Eastern Europe.After his death, his third son, Ogodei khan, went on an expedition to Persia, conquered Goryeo and decimated Jin.After that, Ogodei also implemented a series of political measures. He sent subutai and Zhebi to Qincha and Woorus for the first westward expedition, and Chuermahan to Khwarazm and Persia for the westward expedition, establishing a powerful information network for the Mongol Empire in the future.After this, he organized the eldest sons of each clan to go west.The goal of the eldest son’s westward expedition was to conquer Qincha and Walus.Batu, the eldest son of Shuchi, was the commander, as well as Guiyu, the eldest son of Ogedei, Mengge, the eldest son of Genghis Khan, and Changsun Buli, the eldest son of Chaghetai.Batu as a coach, let your by some discontent, and he thinks his father since wokuotaihan Mongolia’s current leaders, so as the eldest son of his birth lineages are so noble, natural should be arranged as the manager, but the father did not do so, he very defy spirit, will directly go to the father.Ogodei can not be used to his son, he is very clear that your by and not in charge of the army, so in the face of your inquiry to him, Ogodei will directly scold him out of the big account.Although guiyou refused to accept his father’s arrangement, but also afraid of his father’s authority, with his heart that some dissatisfaction, with the army to go to war.Under batu’s command, the Mongol army set out.The reason why Ogodei chose Batu as his commander was that he had very high military command skills. Ogodei intended to go for battle in Chincha and walus, while Batu believed that he should make all the places he visited his own territory.He did persuade the other eldest sons and generals who were with him to go to war. The generals got together and discussed the plan of the war. At last they decided that the way of their fighting should be to attack Chinchal and then walus.Batu divided his army into two divisions. He and Subutai led an army to attack Buliar. His three eldest sons joined forces to attack Qincha.The middle is not plain sailing, of course, your by this plan is not so recognized, he thinks their strength is strong enough, can completely oneself a person to attack, but everyone to his ability is obvious, nature can not allow him to mess with, or he persuaded.Two way army camp and move, batu and sobutai direct attack mazar, defeated its troops, quickly complete the target plan.On the other side, Mengge, Guiyou and Changsun Buri closed in and captured almost all the tribal territories of Kipchak.But they didn’t stop there, because their goal was to make everything they crossed their own territory.They marched on to walus in high song.Woorusi was always at loggerhead and fighting among itself. Batu divided his troops and encircled them. Soon he captured more than ten nearby dukedoms, big and small, and one of them, Chiva (Grand Dukedom of Kiev), remained obstinately resisting.Why is it so long since we took Kiev?At first, they only persuaded them to surrender, but they did not accept their advice. As a historical country, they chose to resist.See Kiev resistance, originally wanted to establish military merit of your by your by the start of the attack, he ignored the opposition of Mengge, and the eldest sun not led sixty thousand troops to attack here.At that time, the Grand Duchy of Kiev was a reserve of 50,000 troops, and the Mongolian cuirassiers were the best cavalry in the world. It was only a matter of time before they could take Kiev, but this battle took a long time.That’s why Ogodei didn’t choose Kiyoshi as the commander of the Western Army. Kiyoshi was so bad at leading troops that he didn’t have any strategy but just attacked.The strong attack on Kiev all the time, on the contrary, made the morale of the soldiers in Kiev hit out. Originally, this battle would be over soon, but because of The strategic mistakes of Guiyu, this battle became a protracted battle, and many elite Mongolian knights were lost here.Mengge learned that the situation in Kiev is not optimistic, he is very clear in the mind, can not let you go on like this, when the Mongolian cavalry was defeated in the hands of the Kiev grand Duchy soldiers is a spent force, will be a very difficult to accept things, so he immediately to batu passed the news.Batu learned from your side of the news, led by 5000 elite, day and night, camp rushed to Kiev.Near arrived in Kiev, batu immediately integrated force, mulling three ways offensive in Kiev, batu is not like your by the headstrong, know only attack, he in the critical moment, sent a team to camouflage ChengQin examine cavalry smoothly entered the city of Kiev, unsuspecting see Kiev army assault of Mongolian cavalry, also know that everything may be over, but they still want to fight against.With the Kiev army still resisting, Batu ordered a fire that wiped out most of Kiev’s inhabitants, leaving only about 200 homes.Summary: 700 years ago, from batu received the letter and finally took Kiev, how long did it take?According to records, it took about four days. In four days, they captured Kyiv, which Guiyou had not been able to capture for a month, which shows batu’s strong military command ability.The past war, full of blood and violence, a fire burned Kiev only 200 homes, I hope the modern war can take a lesson, not too much harm.