Grandma’s attitude towards love is her proud confidence, three views are very positive

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Previously: Mrs. Lu’s honesty made grandma not worry about their relationship with daughter-in-law, she would be the best mother-in-law in an hour light Chapter 44 “Xia Xia, grandma doesn’t object to your falling in love with Lu Yi.Grandma is happy from the bottom of her heart that my little granddaughter has found a boy of her choice.But Grandma wants you to remain who you are, independent of men, power and wealth. Grandma wants you and Lu Yi’s feelings to be based on pure feelings.”At this point, grandma paused and shook Lin Xia’s hand: “After grandma leaves the hospital, she can go back to the old nursing home.You tell Lu Yi not to arrange anything for grandma, and grandma will not accept any gifts from Lu’s family.Gran doesn’t want my precious granddaughter to be in debt to anyone and feel inferior.”Although grandma was poor all her life, she was quite proud.She refused to accept the extra favors of the Lu family, afraid that her little granddaughter would be constrained by the Lu family, afraid that one day she and he would not have the courage to speak out their grievances in a dispute.Lin Xia was silent, she naturally knew what Lu Yi was arranging these days.Her heart is not too much hope that they owe lu Yi too much, but for grandma she is really at ease.She studies far away in the city and grandma lives in the suburbs.If a nursing home were closer, she would be able to visit her frequently and take care of her easily.But she also knew that grandma’s temper, said that things, is generally decided.Finally, she agreed.The stream of lu listening outside fell silent for a moment. Many people were eager to get involved with the Lu family, so that they could do something for their own benefit.But grandma was afraid that she would be involved with Lin Xia, so she refused to accept more of his kindness.Such a grandmother, let Lu Yi could not help but admire heart.How many people have no backbone because they are poor.How many people are willing to be fooled for power.Growing up in such a family environment, it is no wonder that when he first met Lin Xia, he could feel the girl’s special stubborn and proud backbone.Such Lin Xia, how could he be willing to let her suffer grievance?Pass son old want to see grandma, but has been busy with work can not get away, and Lin Xia excuse grandma need peace of mind retreat, also has been dragged to the weekend to get a chance.Just arrived at the door of the ward, I saw Lu Yi standing at the door.Pass son quietly strolled over, followed lu Yi to explore, listening to the two people in the inside whispered words, not by some wonder.I didn’t say anything. Why did Lu Yi look so serious?Lu Yi was surprised by guan Xi’s sudden face, and then returned to normal, light and she said hello, polite invited her into the door, completely a pair of family posture.Guan Xi son used to often come to grandma’s house to play, and the relationship between grandma is also very good.Now, seeing lu’s posture, I guess I could guess something.She bowed to Lu yi and thanked him sincerely.Thank him for taking care of Lin Xia, and thank him for loving me, loving my grandmother.If before she had only regarded him as a handsome and talented god, now she seemed to regard Lu Yi as her brother-in-law.After a short time, they also followed to greet grandma, followed by the most, followed by Xie Tian to join in the fun.After Lin Xia left suddenly that day, Thank day in the heart made a whisper.It is said that Lin Xia is only lu Yi’s assistant, but the two people left one after the other that day, apparently not like the boss and assistant so simple.Then Lin Xia has not come to the company, he asked about the side to know that Lin Xia’s grandmother had a heart attack into the hospital.The relationship between two people, Thank day also faint speculation.Grandma was dazzled by the room full of boys, as if they were all strangers.Grandma turned her head and looked at Lin Xia, wondering where all the boys in the room came from.Lu Yi coughed and was about to speak, but was robbed by Lin Xia.”Grandma, they are our company colleagues, heard that you are sick, so come to see.”Hearing it is Lin Xia’s colleague, grandma gently pulled the corners of her mouth and smiled at everyone, and let Lin Xia greet everyone.And chided them affectionately for making the trip.Lin Xia shan with a smile, if she knew this group of people to come, will let Lu Yi stopped them in advance.There were no girls in the group. What would grandma think of her relationship with her colleagues?Is she gonna tell Grandma there aren’t any women in the office?After talking with everyone for a while, Lu yi pushed a group of men out of the ward.They are too many people, noisy grandma rest.While Lu Yi and Lin Xia is not in the ward, Guan Xi son smilingly close to grandma, very mysterious like what whisper like: “Grandma, just those are lu Yi company colleagues, know the boss girlfriend’s grandma sick, one came to visit.Can you guess why?”Grandma led the corners of the mouth, pretending not to understand to ask Guan Xi son: “Oh?Why do you think?”Pass son know grandma already guessed, the old lady is not small, but the idea is still smart and transparent, for the relationship between people, see better than anyone.Guan Xi looked at grandma sincerely: “Grandma, Lu Yi is really good for our summer.Even the people around him know that fawning on Lu Yi is not as effective as fawning on Lin Xia, but we can think of how important xia Xia position in Lu Yi’s heart.The boss of an enterprise, can put down the figure to accompany you every day, not because of the love of our summer.You mustn’t stick dozen yuanyang, I really think lu Yi is very good to xia Xia!”Just look at the tension of lu Yi, Guan Xi felt as Lin Xia’s good bestie, must help her this time.If Lu Yi is just a nothing, just a day to eat and drink and play the second ancestor, perhaps really have this time to coax Lin Xia to play.But he did run a great Internet company, and he was a man who wanted to build a career, and he couldn’t spend his time with a young girl.Grandma put on an angry face. “Is it possible that She thinks grandma is such a frumpy villain?”Guan Xi son saw, immediately hey hey smile to accompany is not.While saying good words to coax grandma, while speaking for Lu Yimei.Ward outside, Lin Xia and Lu Yi sent the Blue qingxuan they, Lu Yi pulled Lin Xia aside.Lin Xia looked at lanqing xuan, who had not yet gone away, and they hurriedly pushed him two. In case they turned around and saw them in such a posture, they would be unsuspecting!Lu Yi supported the wall with one hand and encircled Lin Xia’s waist with the other, refusing to give her a chance to struggle. “What did grandma say to you just now?”Lin Xia pursed her lips and looked at the man who had gone far away. She lifted her eyes and gently pulled the corners of her mouth, raising a smile she could not hide.While Lu Yi was not looking, Lin Xia tiptoed softly kissed lu yi’s mouth and ran away, leaving only two words, guess!Grandma’s love, is a proud Lin Xia qing’s illustrious career life, daughters have intimate company, is the moment when the mother is the most gratified Zhou Sheng if present, Zhou Shengchen of deep feeling, you is I this life the only one who cherished her understanding of the marriage, is his unexpected surprise his care for her, let her feel the warmth of the family for the first time