Commercial health insurance has become an indispensable and important supplement to health care expenditures

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The economy is developing steadily and the medical technology is changing with each passing day. The centenarian life is becoming a reality: in the age of longevity, everyone will survive for a long time with illness.People walk to the hospital every day.Granted, having a healthy, high-quality life is luck, but achieving longevity with the support of medical health management is the norm.In the expectation of medical inflation and pension inflation, insurance will certainly accompany us throughout our longevity in the foreseeable future.And how much does a piece of insurance policy weigh?See how much it can pay!Taikang Life insurance released a claim settlement annual report for the previous year, in 2021, in taikang Life Insurance’s 1.08 million compensation cases, a total of 1 million medical insurance cases, accounting for up to 92.59%, the total amount of compensation 2.4 billion yuan, accounting for 29.63%.It is worth noting that the top five causes of medical insurance are respiratory infections, malignant tumors, digestive system diseases, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and gynecological diseases.Many of them have a common name: chronic diseases.What is chronic disease?Chronic disease is a general term for diseases that do not constitute infection and have long-term accumulation to form disease morphological damage. Hypertension, stroke, heart disease, diabetes, hepatitis B, chronic kidney disease and so on are relatively common chronic diseases.Different chronic diseases also have certain differences in regional distribution.Take the regional distribution of hypertension and stroke as an example: Blue Book on hypertension Prevention and Control in China shows that the overall incidence trend of hypertension presents an island distribution with large and medium-sized cities as the hot spots, and the prevalence of hypertension in Beijing, Tianjin and Shanghai ranks the top three in China.Circulation published a Map of Stroke in China, a special survey on cerebrovascular disease epidemiology showed that the incidence and mortality of stroke showed significant regional differences, with the highest incidence in northeast China, followed by central China, showing a gradient trend from north to south.They are also called “health killers” because symptoms of chronic diseases can take a long time to show up.Although it is not a “quick kill” like a major disease, it is often difficult to cure completely.After the disease, it is necessary to take drugs or go to the hospital for a long time, and go to the hospital several times a year. It is also a large sum of expenditure accumulated, and it is easy to cause other complications.Chronic diseases can reduce the quality of life, lead to premature death and increase medical costs.Take the well-known diabetes as an example. After suffering from diabetes, the overall body function of patients will be seriously affected, such as vascular neuropathy, blocked blood circulation, decreased immunity, destroyed body fluid balance, and affected digestive system metabolism.And late diabetes can also lead to serious complications, such as gangrene, uremia, heart failure, and life-threatening cases.As we all know, many chronic diseases such as diabetes do not have specific drugs, patients with chronic diseases can only use sugar control or other intervention drugs to maintain the body metabolic balance.A set of data in the research Progress of Chronic Disease Management published by China General Practice reveals the importance and severity of chronic disease management: it is estimated that by 2030, the death toll of chronic disease patients will be as high as 52 million, accounting for 60% of the total death toll;Economic losses account for 50% of the global burden of disease.According to data released in the statistical Bulletin of the development of national Medical security in 2020, the average hospitalization cost of national medical insurance has reached 12,657 yuan.The treatment of chronic diseases has become a big problem for families and individuals.What is more noteworthy is that chronic diseases are not far away from us.According to the literature survey, one out of every ten adults in China suffers from diabetes, and one out of every four suffers from hypertension. Many people live with diseases and have poor quality of life.It is worth noting that chronic disease is more likely to be ignored with the disease cycle lasting for more than a decade or even decades.With the continuous improvement of people’s health awareness, more and more people begin to “see” chronic disease, pay attention to the risk of chronic disease, carry out active chronic disease management, and timely seek appropriate security — commercial medical insurance.Commercial insurance has become an indispensable and important supplement to medical expenses. Commercial medical insurance is actually an effective supplement to basic medical insurance. It is a kind of health insurance product operated by insurance companies.Almost everyone participates in basic medical insurance, which is also called “social security” or “medical insurance”. It is a kind of universal insurance provided by the state for us, covering a wide range and having a very low threshold for insurance.According to the data released by the National Medical Insurance Administration, by the end of 2020, there will be 1.361 billion people participating in social security insurance nationwide, and the participation rate will remain stable at over 95%.However, the security of social security also has certain limitations, the process of compensation should consider the limit of the starting line and the top line, some expenses within the scope of social security reimbursement can not be 100% reimbursement, individuals need to bear a certain proportion.And for the cost of social security reimbursement scope, do not assume the protection.Take the data released by Taikang Life Insurance as an example. In 2021, Taikang customers spent 5.8 billion yuan on medical treatment and 2.56 billion yuan on social security reimbursement, accounting for only 44.15% of social security payment.So there’s a limit to what people can get just by relying on Social security.Social security only provides low-level “insurance” rather than “cover”, which cannot guarantee all medical expenses. We have to bear more than half of the medical expenses by ourselves.The allocation of commercial medical insurance, especially full medical insurance that covers drug costs and diagnosis and treatment expenses beyond social security, has become the choice of more and more people.Commercial medical insurance, represented by millions of medical insurance, has become the main force in the commercial medical insurance market in recent years.We only need to pay a few hundred to more than one thousand yuan of insurance every year, we can get a maximum of several million yuan of protection.If the insured unfortunately goes to the hospital for treatment due to an accident or illness after the waiting period, and produces medical expenses consistent with the contract, the insurance company will pay insurance benefits in accordance with the agreed compensation ratio after deducting the agreed deductible.At the same time, we can also choose to match small medical insurance, which can provide protection for the expenses below the deductible of millions of medical insurance.As a whole, in old people as the growth of age physical condition can drop subsequently, can according to his physical condition and the nuclear insurance company requirements, choose appropriate risk to plant, safeguard limits with cover as far as possible the malignant tumor that sends high hair is first selection.It is worth emphasizing that Taikang Life insurance has a keen insight into the changing needs of users in the business process and has continuously introduced innovative commercial medical insurance products.On the basis of the usual commercial medical insurance products in the industry, Taikang Life Insurance expands the coverage to cover the special needs medical services and international departments of cooperative hospitals, and provides customers with “health insurance + health service” whole-course management.We get into good habits and we get a chance to get a discount on premiums.Unfortunately suffer from part of the disease, but also enjoy follow-up premium exemption responsibility!In general, the allocation of commercial medical insurance can greatly relieve our pressure on possible medical expenses.For example, among the 5.8 billion medical expenses spent by Taikang Life Insurance customers in 2021, the commercial medical insurance paid 2.599 billion yuan, accounting for 44.82%, exceeding the reimbursement rate of social security.Therefore, to deal with the risk of disease, especially chronic disease, it is very important to configure commercial medical insurance programs!In addition, in addition to commercial medical insurance, critical illness insurance is also a kind of health insurance products worth starting.Only on the foundation that participates in primary medical treatment insurance, match sufficient, match even commercial health insurance, ability falls in longevity age body and mind worry free!