Ukraine has set up a command for its defense forces. Russia is closely watching the latest moves by the US

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Beijing, Jan. 25 (Xinhua) — Ukrainian Defense Minister Andrei Reznikov said Thursday that the headquarters of Ukraine’s territorial defense forces has been established and the armed forces of Ukraine have increased by 11,000 personnel.He called on Ukrainians to remain calm.The US Defence Department says it has put some 8,500 troops on “high alert” in response to tensions along the border with Ukraine.Russia said it was closely watching the latest moves by the US on Ukraine.Ukrainian Defense Minister Andrei Reznikov announced the establishment of a command of Ukraine’s territorial defense forces at a press conference Thursday, Ukrainian media reported Thursday.He said that according to the relevant laws of Ukraine, the armed forces of Ukraine have increased by 11,000, of which 10,000 belong to the “territorial defense forces” and 1,000 belong to the special operations forces.The deployment of Ukraine’s “Territorial Defense Force” in “all border areas” has been completed by 70 percent.In an interview with local media on Thursday, Reznikov said that the situation observed by Ukrainian intelligence services and partner countries was “basically similar” to the situation last spring, according to the Ukrainian state news Agency on Thursday.Observation shows that the Russian army has not yet formed an “attack force” to carry out the offensive mission.Uzbekistan has studied “all worst-case scenarios” and made corresponding plans.He called on Ukrainians to remain calm.Reznikov said during a meeting in Vukhovrada (parliament) on May 25 that the third shipment of arms aid from the United States to Ukraine will arrive in Ukraine on the same day.The US airlifted two shipments of nearly 170 tons of “lethal” arms to Ukraine over the weekend, according to the Ukrainian defence ministry.U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Austin has put about 8,500 troops on “high alert” following instructions from President Joe Biden, Defense Department spokesman John Kirby said Thursday.Kirby stressed that no decision has been made on the formal deployment of U.S. forces, which are only on “high alert” and could be deployed quickly if NATO decides to deploy its rapid reaction force.He said the United States would not send troops directly into Ukraine, but that the United States and its Allies would still deter Russia from “invading” Ukraine through threats of economic sanctions and military aid.Source Beijing Daily according to Xinhua News Agency process editor Wu Yue