Temperature record | sunshine holiday “balance” insufficient, the “winter” taste is very strong

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Article/Yangcheng Evening News all media reporter Wu Anqi liberated his eyes, send you send you voice weather!Today is the fifth day of the Chinese New Year, and your holiday balance is insufficient. The Spring Festival of 2022 will soon expire. Please use your annual leave as soon as possible to “recharge” your holiday.Yesterday was the start of Spring solar term. As the first of the 24 solar terms, ancient Chinese believed that around the start of spring, the sun called all living things to “su Sheng”.It can be seen that the beginning of Spring is closely related to sunshine.In the near future, the sunshine will live up to everyone’s expectations and give you a show of “probe and look”. Today, the rain in Guangdong has taken a “holiday”, and sunshine can be seen in part of the day, with the temperature rising.But the sunshine was fleeting, and southern China is bracing for a new round of rain and snow.But for Cantonese, not only is there no snow to play with, but there is a return to the cold, wet days of light rain.So while the weather is right now, might as well seize the sun’s tail, bask in the mood also bask in their own.According to the Guangdong Weather Microblog, it is expected to be cloudy and sunny in the province on May 5.Lowest temperature: 3℃ ~ 5℃ in northern cities and counties of northern Guangdong and pearl River Delta, -3 ℃ ~ 0℃ in high altitude mountainous areas, with freezing;Western Guangdong, eastern Guangdong and southern coastal cities and counties of the Pearl River Delta 10℃ ~ 13℃, most of the other cities and counties 6℃ ~ 9℃.Looking at the weather situation in Guangzhou, there is a large probability of sunshine in the daytime today, and the temperature difference between day and night is still large.Those who want to wash and dry their clothes will have to hurry up, as rain may punch in with everyone else on the seventh day.The specific forecast is as follows: 5th (the fifth day), cloudy to sunny, 6℃ to 16℃;6th (the sixth day), cloudy to overcast, 9℃ to 15℃;7th (the seventh day), cloudy, heavy rain, 11℃ to 13℃.Although the beginning of spring has passed, but the “winter” atmosphere has just come.Last night, the Opening ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games was successfully held in Beijing, athletes in the sports field “dragon fight tiger”, The Enthusiasm of The Chinese athletes to march forward, hard work just ignited in the winter Olympic stadium.Take this 5 days of the Winter Olympic Games schedule, let’s cheer for the athletes.Finally finally, it is the warm reminder of pai Pai Jun: the beginning of spring has passed, the air is warm and warm, but it has not completely entered the spring, it is suggested to choose “onion style dressing method”.Watch the Winter Olympics with enthusiasm, but don’t let your body temperature “immersive.”The road is wet and the return peak, everyone should travel early, driving should be careful.(for more news and information, please pay close attention to guangzhou send pai.ycwb.com) source | the yangcheng evening news · Yang cheng pie comprehensive @ guangdong weather, weather, @ @ guangzhou People’s Daily coordinating editor | Wu Anqi Zheng Zongmin