Spring blood pressure is easy to unstable medicine food collocation to reduce blood pressure

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Mr. He has a history of hypertension for many years and his blood pressure control is stable on weekdays.Recently, as the weather became warmer, his blood pressure fluctuated and began to rise and fall.This is because spring is windy, the wind belongs to the liver, liver qi is not comfortable, easy to cause liver Yang hyperactivity, high blood pressure.In addition, the temperature difference between day and night in spring is large, and if clothes are reduced too quickly, it is easy to cause vasoconstriction.Therefore, hypertensive patients at this time should pay more attention to cold and warm, good health care.It is very important to keep warm in spring. Many hypertension patients feel that the crisis has passed. In fact, it is more important to control blood pressure in spring.Spring is an eventful season for hypertension sufferers.At this time, the weather is warm and cold, and the prevention mechanism of the human body can not adapt to the alternating changes of cold and warm climate, which is easy to cause vasospasm, and sometimes hot and sometimes cold are the most prone to blood pressure fluctuations.Therefore, cold insulation is very important, can not be careless.Diet should be light and nutrition should be balanced “Yellow Emperor Neijing · Suwen” said: “Grain for nourishment, five fruits for help, five livestock for benefit, five vegetables for filling, smell together to supplement lean qi.”Also pointed out that “grain meat and fruits and vegetables, food, no make it, hurt its also.”This is similar to the proposed nutrition pyramid, which is based on grains, with fruits, vegetables, dairy, meat and other foods added.Hypertension patients are often accompanied by high blood lipids, so in the spring of high fat, high cholesterol food intake should be more limited.Spring should also be appropriate to eat some spicy, germinal food, fruits and vegetables, such as bean sprouts, sprouts are born, can liver;Garlic sprouts with egg fried dishes, delicious taste, and can promote the spleen and stomach transport, adjust chang Liver qi, help smooth blood pressure;You can also eat fried eggs with shepherd’s purse, which can promote the transport of the spleen and stomach, adjust smooth liver qi, and help smooth blood pressure.Have a good mood in spring “Yellow Emperor neijing · Plain Ask” said: “Spring in March, this is called hair Chen.Heaven and earth are born, and all things are glorious.Sleep at night and rise early.To be slow to form, so that the chi – sheng.Live not to kill, give not to take, reward not to punish.This spring should be a way to keep healthy.”Spring is the season when Yang qi rises and everything revives, corresponding to the liver.People should feel the beauty of nature, comfortable mood, make liver qi comfortable, qi and blood dredge, baimai reconcile, then people are not easy to get sick, hypertension is easy to control.Use Chinese herbs to control pressure and blood pressure. You can also use some common Chinese herbs: dandelion.Take fresh dandelion, did not blossom the person is optimal, take out impurity to wash clean, bubble water acting tea drinks perhaps after boiling water is very hot, sweet scented osmanthus dew, white sugar moves dish edible, already can clear liver bright eye, can loosen liver loose knot again, suit the hypertensive patient of flourishing to liver fire most.The needle grass.After hot water irons, it is mixed with garlic, onion and other dishes, or it is used as medicine for tea, which can clear liver and reduce fire, and has certain antihypertensive and stabilizing effects on hypertension patients with strong irascible liver.Cassia seed.Fried cassia seeds can moisten intestines and relieve constipation, reduce fat and eyesight, and relieve constipation and high blood fat and hypertension.Drinking water instead of tea, making cassia pillow or boiling soaked feet have certain effects on lowering blood pressure and blood lipids.Chrysanthemum.Chrysanthemum liver mingmu, and then with wolfberry bubble water to drink can complement qi health, heat and fire, also has a good effect on blood pressure.(Dahe Health News)