Popular T5 style practical large space to capture the heart

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A good helper, popular T5 shengshi utilitarian use commercial space capture popularity balance, meet the demand of the whole scene travel popular T5 prosperous time paragraph business-friendly ikea good partners, popular T5 prosperous time meet the needs of diverse space In response to a country’s call that “to” public entrepreneurship, has the innovation in recent years many people have joined the entrepreneurial team.Mr. Chen, born in 1985, is one of the entrepreneurs. From street stalls to supermarkets, Mr. Chen has experienced many unforgettable stories.But no matter what industry he works in, Chen needs an SUV that can carry goods as well as a home.As the “Golden Age national car”, the big space WIND T5 Golden Age can not only meet the needs of family, but also can load more goods, which can be said to be a good helper on the road of Mr. Chen’s entrepreneurship.Large space can pull goods, entrepreneurial road good helper in the face of a wide variety of goods, product transportation this problem took the lead in front of Mr. Chen.Although there is special person and special car deliver goods during managing supermarket, but Mr Chen also meets personally as boss, popular T5 flourishing era money satisfied his dimensional demand apparently.”I visited a lot of 4S shops, among the SUV of the same level, I feel that only the popular T5 style is’ super fit ‘, which can meet my purchase and delivery needs.””Mr. Chen said happily.In terms of size, the super long wheelbase of 2720mm (5 seats) /2753mm (7 seats) of the Popular T5 Style can create plenty of longitudinal space.In addition, T5 shengshi model is more popular with flexible seat layout, 5/7 models support 4/6 scale down of the rear seat and the whole flat, can achieve a variety of seat model, especially in the rear seat in version 7 models all fallen flat, compartment space more can be made of 240 l easily expand to 2370 l, large z being up to 2000 mm.”I was very pleased with the z-depth and ceiling height of the car. I have even installed small shelves, tables, chairs and other large items before, and the overall space is comparable to the micro surface.””Mr. Chen praised.As a large space SUV model, popular T5 shengshi can not only help users load goods, but also meet the daily travel of the whole family.Especially for Mr. Chen, who has just welcomed his second child, big family travel needs a big space model.Due to the large number of members of Mr. Chen’s family, he chose the popular T5 Golden Age edition 7-seat model in the process of car purchase. The body size is 4780 *1872*1775mm, plus the ultra-long wheelbase of 2753mm. The popular T5 Golden Age edition can bring Mr. Chen a leap-forward space feeling.”The extra long wheelbase and ceiling height not only allows me to carry more cargo, but also makes it more comfortable for my family. I’m 5 ‘5″ and I don’t feel cramped and I can give my head more space than a fist.”Mr. Chen said.In addition to ample front seat space, the second row and third row of popular T5 style seat space is also very spacious, when Mr. Chen in the front row to adjust the normal sitting position, the second row, the third row of leg space and a fist of space, passengers in the car can stretch limbs, Mr. Chen said:’I was pleased with the fact that the seats in the second row are spacious and comfortable, they can be angled and reclined to scale, and my old lady is comfortable in the back.’Besides take a space outside, faddish T5 prosperous times money is set in the car more up to 25 store content unit, collocation at the same time a variety of clever functional design, in order to receive wisdom to solve problems for users.”Like my sunglasses, documents, my lover’s shoes, lipstick, as well as children’s toys and old people’s teacups, can find storage space in the car. It will not look messy, to be organized.”Mr. Chen said.In addition, the popular T5 is also fully equipped with roof rack, convenient for Mr. Chen’s family to add storage boxes or bicycles when outing, can carry more travel materials, further improve space utilization, create comfortable travel experience.As a self-employed entrepreneur, he earned a bucket of gold from selling stalls and now owns his own supermarket. Mr. Chen is constantly seeking on the road of entrepreneurship, step by step.Similarly, as the old military car enterprises, Dongfeng is also popular with its own practical actions: only constantly grasp the quality of products, ensure the quality of service, insight into the needs of owners, in order to remain in the trend of The Times.As a “golden age national car”, popular T5 Golden age fully meet users’ demand for high-quality life, for the self-employed entrepreneurs, large family users to provide convenient and comfortable way of travel.The event will run from February 18, 2022 to March 31, 2022