Li Tianhua: On the fourth day of the lunar New Year, I was on duty and the campus was quiet

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Qilu Evening News · Qilu one point reporter Gong Yueyue planning collation editor’s note: “the day is not everywhere, youth just come;Moss flowers as small as rice, also like peony bloom.”This is true of most small rural schools.In the past of 2021, reporters from Yinan to Yuncheng, and then from Zhanhua to Yiyuan station, witnessed a lot of feelings of educators rooted in rural areas, they are trying to make up the gap with light, to help rural children better grow up.Family sitting, lights amiable, this is the ideal state of Spring Festival reunion.And in shandong, many small rural schools, countless rural principals and teachers are rushing to the hillside, remote rural students home, they want to use the precious winter vacation time, go to the children’s home, into the children’s heart.From now on, Qilu Evening News · Qilu Yipoint “Youth Talk” column will launch “Village Principal/Teacher’s Winter Vacation Diary” successively, focusing on what rural teachers see, hear and feel during home visit, lighting up the dream of rural children and injecting power into rural revitalization.February 4, 2022 The weather turned sunny on the fourth day of the Lunar Calendar. Today, I was on duty at school. I got up early in the morning, had breakfast, and took two packets of instant noodles with me as lunch.At 7:30, I was ready to go out. The sky was cloudy and cloudy, and it did not clear up.It takes about 30 minutes to drive 45 miles from home to school.The fourth day of the year at this point, the road traffic is not much, it is a “swish”, into the country road to slow down.The east side of the road is a row of strawberry greenhouses, see a strawberry, stop to gather together a lively.Just drive a car door to hear the fruit farmer is explaining with the buyer: “this strawberry can not be planted continuously, planted a few years will not knot, originally received 100 catties, only knot 60 catties to you, now fashionable, in the cultivation of soil, plant a stubble, soil to get again.Strawberry prices are good again this year, picked forty-one catties.”From the fruit farmers in the gushing, I can realize now is “science farming”.A corner at the school gate.At the school, everything was quiet.Open the door of the duty room, I am very skilled began the duty process: fill in the duty record form;Adjust the office air conditioning temperature;Open the computer to upload the epidemic information to be reported on the epidemic platform;Fourteen days of health monitoring and travel status health cards were transferred to the teachers.There is no news about the epidemic in the group, which is the best news for us!These tasks are perfect for me as a security officer.All of a sudden, I thought of the culture wall and function room that the school had decorated during the holiday. After finishing these works, I couldn’t wait to run to the teaching building to take a look around.The “Fuyang” cultural wall in the teaching building has been completed, which is very spectacular. The class cultural wall in front of the classroom has also taken on an entirely new look. The meeting room and multi-function room have also been put into use.Before, we didn’t even have a place for meetings and public classes, so it’s all standard.When I heard that the purchase and construction of these facilities were completed with donations from the caring people of the society, MY heart suddenly burst out of gratitude.Everything in the teaching building is in good condition, the surrounding have been carefully observed again, everything is normal.Culture stone at the school gate.”Jingling bell” phone rang, the school district in charge of campus safety work Director Zhao notice let the vaccine injection form to complete the report.Yeah!During the holiday, everyone in charge of security work is not idle, in order to be safe and peaceful winter vacation stick to each other’s posts.Trot back to the office, by the way, every month 1-5 safety accident report and safety self-inspection completed.It was nearly 10 o ‘clock when I looked up at my watch. A few snowflakes were falling in the dark sky and dancing in the wind. I suddenly thought of the children I had taught.Open the mobile phone to open the class group, I assigned a task to the fifth grade children: dear students, please complete an experiment today, find several circles (no less than 4) measure their circumference and diameter, and find the ratio of the length and diameter of the next week, after completion of the list of photos to me.Measure the circumference and take a picture, one diameter, a total of at least three.Notice, the perimeter is not calculated, it’s measured.Soon the group lively up, the students have replied received, but also raised a lot of questions, and then a silence, the children must go busy!After seeing the photos posted in the group, it was already noon.After a few corrections and a little conversation, I hurried the children to lunch.A restaurant in the sun.While soaking instant noodles, I remembered the familiar faces of the children, and unconsciously smiled strangely: there is a point to think of this little naughty, really can not leave them!Years ago at the dinner table after fat make instant noodles delicious, three times five divided by two is solved, when the sky is clear, the sun is hanging in the sky, lazily instant noodles sink lulu in belly DaHuang, prompting I pushed the door and went out to walk a circle, the sun of the campus especially warm, watching the “blessing YangXiaoHe” at the school gate, rippling river from the school before,It was beautiful, silvery against the unmelted snow on the banks.All of a sudden, I thought of the vacation reading arranged by the principal before the holiday. When I returned to the office, I reluctantly searched for the book given to me by the principal — “Suggestions for Teachers” by Suhomlinsky.The beginning is also very perfunctory rummage, but looking at, I was attracted by the wonderful book.From the first suggestion “there is no and can’t be abstract students” to the twelfth “how to make the examination of home schoolwork become effective mental work for students”, to tell the truth, when the former principal asked me to read more books, I was resistant, “I a math teacher read so many books why!”When turning to the chapter “how to enrich knowledge by reading”, I vaguely understood the intention of the headmaster.Time passed quickly. At 4:30 in the afternoon, I called the school district to report the situation of today’s shift.The phone didn’t hang up, but the security staff who took over in the afternoon had already arrived.”Director Li, the sky is short and dark fast, there is such a long way, hurry home!””Take your time…”For the security work of the new semester, we talked for a while, and checked the security supplies, and handed over the work on duty today.As the sun set, I prepared to drive home.Just want to start, think of what, returned to the office, with the headmaster sent me the book “advice to teachers”.