How strong is “double Straight A student”?Zhao Jinmai high school shot nine dramas, but the grades declined

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People are born to be curious about the world, so they will also be interested in learning. As for students, keeping curious about knowledge can help them get better grades.But with the gradual improvement of social system, nowadays study has become a “tool” for success.In order to let the children can learn well, parents and schools are also under a great effort, and the purpose of teacher education has therefore changed a lot, the teacher is mainly to guide children to learn, but now can continue to instill all kinds of knowledge to children for grades, let the child become a learning machine.This also leads to a lot of students gradually lose interest in learning, learning has become their least favorite thing, but there are still a lot of hard-working students, they find interest in learning through their own efforts, but in the final analysis, the main purpose of many students study is to get a job.But because of the special opportunities, some children at an early age has become a star, and the “double outstanding students” today to the wheat so fire up, zhao zhao today when she was eight years old so that is the actor, as a famous child stars, now today the new generation of wheat has become a hot actress zhao, the more it is worth mentioning as a star, zhao today the grades of wheat hasn’t been dropped.How good can “double High Achievers” be?Zhao Jinmai shot 8 dramas in high school, but her scores did not fall because of the Beginning, Zhao Jinmai became a popular star among many people. Unexpectedly, this little girl is just over 20 years old, and she is still a college student. As an art student, she can be said to have not fallen behind in both work and study.Zhao Jinmai has starred in many popular TV dramas and movies, and now she has become a leading actress in TV dramas, and her acting has been recognized by the industry.In 2020, Zhao Jinmai took part in the college entrance examination, but her exam results surprised many people. We all know that Zhao Jinmai began to act in the theater when she was young, and she didn’t have much time to study. However, in the college entrance examination, Zhao Jinmai’s score of cultural courses was as high as 524 points, which was better than many people, and her score of professional courses was 97.8 points.Got the first place in the acting department of the Central Academy of Drama, no problem double outstanding student.It is difficult for ordinary high school students to get 524 points, but for Zhao, who is an art student and has been working outside for a long time, the score is very high.When you see Zhao Jinmai’s notes, you will know that she worked very hard. Although she shot nine plays in high school, she still didn’t fall behind in her studies. Her notes are orderly and her handwriting is as lovely as a person’s.Zhao Jinmai is also very fond of reading, so she will have a lot of understanding of her own when filming, which is also one of the reasons why she can win recognition from the audience and the director. Zhao Jinmai, who can take both acting and learning into consideration, may be the object we should learn from.As a art student, and academic achievements are equally important to many students of the art of learning in the process, gradually forget the importance of literacy class, but in real life, real artist their culture is very deep, so to create a good work and whether dance or music, if simply to learn technology,It’s only possible to be a technician.Wanted to create the good things need people with inspiration, the inspiration is through the observation of life has been knowledge and produce, if academic scores are very low, so the art students also easy to bias, but it also does not require all art student can know all know astronomy geography, how to walk, so the art studentsStudents should make reasonable choices.What are the problems that students need to pay attention to in the process of learning?Learning runs through each person’s life, whether it’s newborn baby or old man, all need to learn some new skills, and student’s learning is more important, whether tests or the entrance examination to determine whether the students in the future will be admitted to the ideal university, so it is the priority of each student to learn well.In the learning process, students are likely to encounter all sorts of problems, and most people are not good at learning, but can through the efforts to gain more knowledge and wealth, so students are faced with difficulties, do not easily discouraged, encounter problems after first need to think through their own, to ask the teacher or students.Learning is also one’s own thing. Only when one truly feels the happiness and satisfaction brought by learning, can one achieve higher grades. Therefore, it is very important for students to cultivate interest in learning.Learning interest is closely related with the teacher and parents education method is, in fact, some teachers can arouse the students interest in good teaching, let the students don’t like can also obtain the joy of learning, but also some teachers only know about learning good students, so find a good teacher to student’s study also will have very big effect.Do you think art students are hard?