He is a sad stray cat whose owner took him in for five years before discovering the truth of the “mournful” look

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A five-year-old black cat has been dubbed the saddest cat in the world by a homeless animal shelter in Sao Paulo, Brazil.At the time, his expression, though sad, was still very good, so he was adopted in 2016.Larissa Yamaguchi named him Sushi after she adopted him.At first, Larissa thought that sushi’s sad expression might be the result of years of wandering, and that she would be happy with her patience and care.But as the months passed, the expression of sushi did not become happy, but more depressed, and the face began to sag.At this point, Larissa thought that the way the sushi looked was probably not because of her mood.Then took it to the hospital to check, can go to several hospitals in a row can not check the problem.It was not until last year that sushi was diagnosed with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (EDS), a congenital connective tissue disorder, at a cat hospital.The face is sagging due to lack of collagen.If you accidentally injure yourself, it can be difficult to recover.There is no cure for the disease, but it is not life-threatening with careful care.Larissa now regularly shares her sushi routine on IG, hoping that everyone can learn the basics of matsulosis and not be afraid of it.In fact, he is as good as any cat and needs loving care.