Year six “send poor ghost”, remember “5 customs, 2 taboos”, 66 dashun career xing

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How time flies, the Spring Festival holiday for the Year of the Tiger has come to an end. After the “Break Five Festival”, which falls on the fifth day of the fifth lunar month, many people will go back to work and start the New Year of the Tiger.The sixth day of the Lunar New Year is the last day of the long holiday, and it is also the traditional day to send away the ghost of poverty.According to legend, Qiugui was the son of Zhuyu, an ancient ruler. It was slovenly and liked to wear ragged clothes, so it was hated by people. After its death, it was granted the title of “Qiugui” or “Zhuangshen”, and people shunned it as far as possible.Annual people is a lucky day, because the annual fifth has broken all the taboos, in which people began to prepare to open the door of wealth and work, this time have to do is put away “the poor”, so that New Year lucky, everything goes well cause flourishing, so annual people have “five customs, 2 big taboo” to follow.1. Cleaning: The sixth day is a good day for many businesses to open, so this day to clean the shop, in addition to lest “poor ghost” on the door, but also in order to customers can have a good consumer environment;Every family will also do a good job of family hygiene on this day, because it is necessary to put into the work of the New Year, naturally to tidy up the home, the garbage and old things at home are discarded, which is also a kind of performance of “send poor ghost”.2. Showering: New Year’s holiday is coming to an end, the Chinese New Year before the fifth has many taboos, the fifth has broken, so which day you will go to bath change into new underwear, so can be refreshed in the work, and wash away the dust also have off the meaning of “poor”, so people baths will be packed in the day.3. Go out to walk: the sixth day of the day to put on new socks to go out to walk a circle, also has the “poor ghost” step on the bottom of the foot, so that it can not turn over the moral;Many people also return to the city where they work on the sixth day. Going out on this day means “smooth roads” and everything will go smoothly in the New Year.4. Send the employee bonus: annual New Year’s day between people traditionally are colleagues, it even if you don’t go to work, and people began to prepare for work the next day, this time you will in a business group of New Year’s greetings to each other, so as the boss red envelopes to send staff on this day, for the New Year everything can thrive;If it is already open for business and work units, the boss or leaders will come down to visit the employees, in order that we can get together in the New Year to create good results.5. Eat lucky fruit: The sixth day is “send poor ghost” day, so every family will put auspicious fruit, in order to everything goes well, such as orange good luck;The Orange got what he wanted;Apple’s peace and so on, but also for the upcoming New Year work to seek a good fortune.Annual people “two big taboo” 1. Avoid rags: many people stay at home during the Chinese New Year New Year’s day rarely go out, most people might just wear a underwear over the years, by which the day is about to put on a new and clean coat to go out for a walk, this time don’t wear rags again, especially the hole of the socks, because legend “paupers” look that way.Avoid bickering and haggle: The sixth day of the Chinese New Year is a day to pay attention to everything goes well, this day should not quarrel with people, and haggle over every ounce, because the New Year is about to start work, this day and people quarrel and haggle over every ounce, obviously the beginning of the New Year is not good.The sixth day of the Chinese New Year, we should also adjust the mood and work schedule, because the New Year’s work life and study is about to open, this time to put the holiday relaxed attitude adjustment, in order to be able to put into the New Year’s work.