The full-time employment rate for Singapore graduates rose to 84 per cent last year

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Last year, 84 percent of local college graduates found full-time jobs within six months of graduation, up 14.2 percentage points from the year before and even higher than the pre-EPIDEMIC level.Some 75.2 per cent of graduates, or 11,1,200, took part in the graduate employment survey conducted in November last year, jointly released by the National University of Singapore (NUS), Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore Management University (SMU) and New Yue University of Social Sciences today (16 February).The number of new graduates who found full-time jobs within six months after graduation rose to 84 percent last year, the highest in the past four years, from 69.8 percent the year before.It was 81.7 percent in 2019 and 81.2 percent in 2018.Overall, including part-time and freelance jobs, 94.4 per cent of last year’s graduates found work within six months of graduation, up slightly from 93.6 per cent the year before.The percentage of self-employed workers was 1.7 percent, 0.2 percentage points higher than in 2020.Last year saw a sharp rise in the proportion of graduates working in temporary or part-time jobs, but only 8.7% opted for part-time or temporary work, down from 22.3%, with 3.6% taking part in the New Connected Graduate internship scheme.The joint statement also said 3 percent of graduates took part-time or temporary jobs because they could not find full-time workers, down from 11.3 percent the year before.In terms of salary, graduates who found full-time jobs last year earned a median monthly salary of 3,800 yuan, 100 yuan more than the year before.Information and digital technology, built environment, business and engineering graduates had the highest full-time employment rates at 93.7 per cent, 88.9 per cent, 88.7 per cent and 86.9 per cent respectively.Graduates in information and digital technology had the highest median monthly salary of $5,000 and the highest increase in starting salaries.In addition, 800 graduates from four universities took part in another survey, with participants from specific departments requiring practical training, such as architecture and design, medicine and law.Among these graduates, the full-time employment rate rose to 96 percent last year from 93.5 percent the year before, and the median monthly salary for full-time employees rose to 5,000 yuan from 4,625 yuan.The graduation period of Singapore Polytechnic and Singapore University of Technology and Design is different from that of other universities. The employment survey is still being conducted and the results will be announced at a later date.The above content is from Lianhe Zaobao. The following content is not related to Lianhe Zaobao.Related reading:1, the international clean rankings Singapore tied for third 2, competitiveness topped the global top three, the global rich celebrities immigrants settled in Singapore 4, Singapore has become the international research and innovation hub 5, Singapore topped the top of the world’s most intelligent city focus study in 15 years ZhuoJin generation education ten thousand – 273 nanjing white under the road jiangsu maritime institute of Belize science park tower of the A5