Last year, the GDP growth of the liangjiang New Area hit a five-year high

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On January 27, Chongqing Daily learned from the first plenary (expanded) meeting of Liangjiang New Area in 2022 and the regional economic work Conference that the GDP of Liangjiang New Area in 2021 is expected to exceed 400 billion yuan, of which the GDP of the directly managed area will reach 227.1 billion yuan, an increase of 11.8% year-on-year, and the growth rate is the highest in the past five years.It is understood that last year, Liangjiang New Area took multiple measures to enhance the resilience of the industrial chain and supply chain, improve the competitiveness of the industry, the industrial economic operation index ranked the first in the city, the industrial level has reached a new level.Liangjiang New Area’s regulated industrial output value exceeded 550 billion yuan last year, while the direct management area’s regulated industrial output value reached 435.4 billion yuan, up 21.5 percent.Among them, high-tech manufacturing and strategic emerging industries in Liangjiang New Area increased by 21.8% and 22.7% respectively, accounting for 52.8% and 44.5% of output value respectively.Behind these achievements, a large number of key projects have been implemented at a faster pace.For example, in the automobile industry, the introduction of ideal automobile, Ganfeng lithium and other industry leaders, the cultivation of Avita, Wenjie M5 and other new brands, changan UNIK, Ford Mustang pure electric and other new models on the market, to accelerate the automobile industry toward the “new four” (electric, network, intelligent, sharing).In the electronics industry, the sixth generation line of BOE was put into operation, the Corning Furnace and gorilla project were put into operation, and a new display industrial cluster of 100 billion yuan was initially formed, which accelerated the industry’s chain strengthening and chain extension.For example, in the high-end equipment industry and aerospace industry, sany Heavy Industry, Cummins and other key projects were completed and put into operation, and the application company of China Star Group and chongqing System Yard.Meanwhile, the intelligent big data in Liangjiang New Area will flourish in 2021.On the one hand, the whole industry chain of “core screen device and core network” continues to grow. The added value of digital economy is expected to exceed 70 billion yuan in 2021, up more than 40%, accounting for one third of the city. The added value of information service industry is expected to reach 22.7 billion yuan, up 22.2%.On the other hand, it has accelerated the construction of a national industrial Internet center. 19 second-level nodes, 1,637 enterprise nodes and 5.9 billion registrations have been built at the top level of national industrial Internet identification analysis.Jinkang New Energy, Changan Automobile and Sany Heavy Machinery were selected as the first batch of “lighthouse Factories” in The city.The economy of Liangjiang New Area has maintained rapid growth, which is closely related to the strengthening of the driving force of scientific and technological innovation.Last year, Liangjiang New Area regarded scientific and technological innovation as the “No. 1 project” to accelerate the upgrading of the innovation platform.For example, the Liangjiang Collaborative Innovation Zone has introduced 10 new r&d institutions, totaling 40 in total. The construction of the distributed radar verification test field has been launched. The Chongqing Science and Technology Innovation Center of NPU and the Fusion Innovation Center of the Collaborative Innovation Zone have been completed and put into operation.In addition, liangjiang New Direct administration area last year added 51 municipal and above R&D platforms, a total of 378, added 33 municipal “specialized and special new” enterprises, a total of 119, geely Technology west headquarters and other projects signed and landed, the total number of invention patents reached 3800, a year-on-year increase of 15%.