Internet. Love

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Since the emergence of the Network with a topic, some people say that it is a good thing, some people see it as “evil”, no matter how people evaluate the network, the network still occupies an indispensable position in our life, because it makes us closer and closer to each other, let our life full of color.We can easily meet long-lost friends at home, without the trouble of shopping under the hot sun, but also enables us to browse the world news without leaving home, the Internet has replaced letters, so that we are more closely connected with friends.However, the network will also like some people said, it also makes us and their relatives between the distance is more and more far, there are a lot of things we do not want to talk with their relatives, would rather midnight with the network called friends but do not know the “face” of the people.At this time, we will be like a young child and each other to the top of their hearts, games, talk about the work during the day, the family encountered unpleasant, but also feel the other party to our response, free and comfortable to swim in the unreal network.But forget that in fact, these so-called troubles are completely able to communicate with their own families, we can play spoiled with parents, play games with children, and talk with lovers at midnight.Many people are willing to look for affection on the Internet, because they think the affection on the Internet can make up for the regret they can’t get in life.A man met a woman on the Internet, he can fully and the woman said with his long-lost prattle, fantasizing about earning less than the first love of the woman is his own, oneself had time to want to speak to the first lover all talk to the woman, he satisfied in your heart, as if many years within suddenly unloaded in the heart of stone,Men will feel incredibly relieved.Men just get this kind of emotion as it make up for, few men will this illusion to the permanent, because they know this kind of love there is no real life to reality, they want is just that the feeling of “once owned” instead of “forever”, embrace the world woman but only to protect a woman is enough.However, the response that the man gets is often the man can not expect, he makes a woman fall into love from now on, make the woman dry up emotion get moist, the woman seems to get a new life, that long missing warmth is luring the woman’s heart of desire, slowly fell into the road of no return.Women pay more than the first love passion, only to permanently retain that a non-existent love, men make women gradually crazy.However, the woman forgot that you have a “enduring as the universe”, God will not send her an extra “enduring as the universe”, matchmaker’s “emotional line” are matched well, no one is special.But the woman is unwilling again “once had”, want to turn this kind of illusory into reality desperately, but when illusory turns into reality really, female talent knows the illusory that turns into reality does not have illusory far when the beauty comes, look back again the woman has lost a lot of.The network gave us hope also gave us harm, we send love and network, rely on and network, how to not be hurt by the network is difficult to avoid, this is a double-edged sword, no matter how we sway will be hurt.Just we should learn to prevent injury, can reduce the injury to the lightest, do not hurt the innocent?Don’t let more people break their hearts with you.