Days of Our Past is the Chinese title of the movie

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Days of Our Past, directed by Carl Theodor Dreyer, stars Clara Weiss, Svander Maslin and others.As for the fantasy film, adapted from an ancient European folk tale, the main story is about an arrogant princess and a prince proposing marriage.Laila Weiss plays the princess has been living in the distant Kingdom of Illyria, due to its natural beauty, the old king’s love, nature never lack of suitors.But the princess had been spoiled by the king since she was a child, and was haughty and cold to everyone.In the face of these men’s pursuit not only indifferent, but also the fanatical suitors of the torture, not looking at these men, thinking that they are not good enough for him.Of course, the old king was very worried about this situation. After all, her daughter’s eyes were so high that no man could fall in her eyes.When he feels distressed, Svander Maslin’s Danish prince Jogen comes to the country with his servants and proposes the idea of marrying the princess to the old kingdom.Jorgen, who thought he had good looks and conditions, did not expect to be humiliated by the princess.However, Prince Jorgen of Denmark did not get angry in the face of such a situation, but in a very short time came up with a solution to the unruly princess.Two people launched a contest about wisdom and ability, each other in the process of this contest gradually changed the views of the other side, and finally successfully came together.