Comprehensive Comparison of listed companies in plastic Packaging Industry in 2021 (With business Layout summary)

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— Original title: Comprehensive Comparison of listed Companies in plastic Packaging Industry in 2021 (with business layout summary, performance comparison, business planning, etc.)1, plastic packaging in China has a long history of development, has formed a more mature industrial chain.At present, there are many listed companies in China’s plastic packaging industry, which are distributed in various industrial chain links.General Plastics listed companies: Jinfa Technology (600143), Water Stock (002886), Guo En Stock (002768);Plastic additives listed companies: Ruifeng Gaocai (300243), Li ‘an Long (300596), Jacques Technology (002409), Chenghe Technology (688625), Rike Chemical (300214), Jia Ao Environmental Protection (603822);Listed companies for plastic processing special equipment: Teri Machine (603289), Yimi (300415), Klaus (600579);Listed enterprises of plastic packaging manufacturing:Zijiang Enterprise (600210), Double Star New Material (002585), Shuanghui Development (000895), Tongchan Lixing (002243), Hongyu Packaging Material (837174), CoFCO Packaging (HK.00906), Huayuan Holdings (002787), Yongxin Shares (002014), Tiancheng Technology (838451).2. Comparison of business layout of listed companies in plastic packaging Industry At present, in the plastic packaging industry, Zijiang enterprise has a wide business layout, plastic packaging output and income scale is large, in a leading position in the industry, strong competitiveness.In addition, Double Star New material, Yongxin shares of plastic packaging business income scale is also large, in the first echelon of the industry, but also has strong competitiveness.3. Comparison of plastic packaging Business performance of listed companies in plastic packaging Industry At present, among the leading listed companies in China’s plastic packaging industry, Zijiang Enterprise, Yongxin Stock and Double Star New Material have higher operating income in plastic packaging business.At the same time, Zijiang enterprises and yongxin shares of plastic packaging product line is relatively complete, rich product types.4. Comparison of plastic packaging business planning of listed companies in the plastic packaging industry From the development planning of listed companies, with the gradual implementation of the “ban on plastic”, the main development direction of the company is mainly green packaging.By increasing research and development investment, research and development of new materials and other ways to gradually expand the green packaging business.The details of each company are as follows:The above data refer to the Forecast and Analysis Report on Production and Sales Demand and Investment of China’s Plastic Packaging Industry by Qianzhan Industry Research Institute.At the same time, Qianzhan Industry Research Institute also provides industrial big data, industrial research, industrial chain consulting, industrial atlas, industrial planning, park planning, industrial investment and investment, IPO financing research, IPO business and technology writing, IPO working paper consulting and other solutions.