Claude Monet on display at the Barberini Museum

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The Museum Barberini is an art Museum in Potsdam, Germany, which opened in 2017.His exhibitions range from the so-called old Masters to contemporary art, with an emphasis on impressionist paintings.Centred on the collection of its founder and patron Hasso Plattner, Barberini hosts three temporary exhibitions a year featuring objects from international museums and private collections.The Barberini museum contains more than 100 works by impressionist and post-Impressionist painters, including 34 paintings by Claude Monet.With more than 100 Monet paintings on display from February 22 to July 19, 2020, this is the largest retrospective of impressionist Claude Monet ever held at the German museum.The show draws primarily on the Hasso-Plattner collection and the Impressionist collection of the Denver Art Museum, with a large number of works on loan from museums and private collections in many different countries,Including the orsay museum in Paris and horse MoDan monet museum, national gallery in London, Madrid thyssen – bonnet meters, national museum, New York’s metropolitan museum of art, Washington, d.c., the national gallery, hammer museum in Los Angeles, Tokyo national museum of western art, as well as in Canberra, Australia’s national gallery.Bordighera, in Italy, 1884 | Museum Barberini in addition to the special exhibition, barber Museum shows for a long time in the Museum founder, Mr. – plattner collection of a large number of impressionist and post-impressionist painting,Including masterpieces by Claude Monet, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Berte Morisot, Gustav Kelbaut and Paul Signac.The Port of Le Havre, Night Effect, 1872 | Museum of Barberini 20 artists more than one hundred works by showing The history of The French impressionist, from The beginning of The 19th century to early 20th century by divisionism and further development of fauvism.There are 34 paintings by Claude Monet, and no other venue in Europe outside Paris displays more of the artist’s work.This made Potsdam one of the most important impressionist centers in the world.The Palazzo Ducale, 1908 | Museum BarberiniThe Water-Lily Pond, 1918 | Museum BarberiniClaude Monet | The Flowered Meadow, 1885 | Museum BarberiniClaude Monet | Grainstacks, 1890 | Museum BarberiniThe River, 1881 | Museum BarberiniWheatfield, 1881 | Museum Barberini