An employee was fined 3,000 yuan for working overtime

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Qunar was fined 3,250 yuan for violating labor laws by extending workers’ hours.In response to this, the company today said that overtime was agreed by employees and arranged for overtime pay and vacation, but did violate the rules, respect the punishment.Austrian one news reporter learned that the current major companies are improving overtime phenomenon, but little’s affiliated Company, Beijing Quona Information Technology Co., Has been warned and fined 3,250 yuan by the Haidian District Human Resources and Social Security Bureau in Beijing for violating Article 41 of the labor law by extending workers’ hours.Qunar responded that it had arranged overtime work with the consent of employees during the holidays, and that it had paid overtime and arranged time off, but had violated the overtime restriction.And said, respect the government’s punishment decision, has been the first time to rectify.Many netizens questioned whether the fine was missing a swastika character. In fact, according to relevant regulations, the fine for overtime work in enterprises is less than 500 yuan per worker.According to article 25 of the regulations on the labor security supervision, unit of choose and employ persons is in violation of labor and social security laws, regulations or rules to extend the working time, given a warning by the administrative departments of labor security, shall be ordered to make corrections within a time limit, and may, in accordance with the infringement of workers each 100 yuan of above 500 yuan of the following standard, impose a fine.Qunar is not the first company to run into controversy over its employees’ overtime work.In the past six months, Siemens CNC (Nanjing) Co., Ltd. has been fined 12,900 yuan for overtime work.During the Spring Festival, B station staff on duty sudden death, is also suspected of serious overtime caused.There have always been ridiculed to work overtime culture prevailing Internet factories, have also come out to adjust overtime phenomenon.Kuaishou announced the cancellation of “Big and Small Week”;Bytedance has also scrapped the “size week” and introduced a “1075” work schedule.Ctrip announced to implement the “3+2” mixed office mode from March.Tencent’s wechat has also been revealed to have changed its working system, forcing employees to leave work at 6pm, five days a week.Although the adjustment measures a lot, but does not seem to be born implementation in place, a giant employees accept the reporter said in an interview: the department currently is not a new work week, their daily working hours is more flexible, but also often work around 12 o ‘clock in the evening, everyday tasks or heavier, is unlikely to meet after work at 6 p.m.Another employee also said: “There are a lot of work to do. It’s really” 1075 “, a lot of things to do.Nandu Gallery staff to improve service quality and increase work intensity?According to qunar staff, this overtime is due to “COVID-19 refund (ticket) change”.Gou Zhipeng, vice president of Qunar, said in an interview, “The biggest test for a company is how to survive the COVID-19 pandemic.The company needs to get back to its roots in the travel services industry.”The value of the platform is how to quickly detect changes in user needs and help users quickly choose among many options.”It has to be said that after the outbreak in 2020, the entire tourism industry fell into a relatively depressed state.Now, in order to improve the service quality and better serve users, whether to increase the work intensity of employees?Founded in 2005, Qunar is The first travel search engine in China, and now ranks second in the annual transaction size index of online travel manufacturers in China, with nearly 600 million users and more than 6 billion App downloads.However, the overall performance is still in a depressed state under the impact of the epidemic, which also brings many uncertainties to many businesses.Reporter interviewed some OTA online travel platform staff, told reporters, situation happens, a large number of ticket refund change is often face situations, slow the user for a refund, a refund is not easy to complain a lot, but in fact the platform has been amended in a refund policy, funds are also under pressure, as for employees work will certainly rise.Liu Jie, reporter of Austrian News