With the new Batman leading the way, can a wave of new movies bring a hot market?

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The Spring Festival after the calendar year, is a relatively empty node, after all, who do not want to follow the Spring Festival blockbusters too close.This year, too, new releases have been very sober, with few new projects scheduled to open far away from the Chinese New Year to ensure they don’t get burned.And just recently, suddenly set a wave of imported films, to ensure a smooth transition after the Spring Festival, this wave is timely and powerful, even some of the top Hollywood blockbusters, for the next market as much as possible for the opportunity.At present, 20 days have passed since the Spring Festival, especially after the holiday, the volume of one-day market began to decline sharply, which means that it needs to be followed by later comers.Can be the case all the year after the Spring Festival, the lack of relay in the market.Nothing grows before and after the big season, which is a powerful deterrent of the Spring Festival season.For domestic films, they are not only unwilling to put their projects behind the Spring Festival, but also want to move closer to the Qingming Festival, Fifth gear, etc. The industry has a large deviation in its cognition of the schedule, and does not agree with the view that ordinary weekends are also the schedule.If you want to fill the gap behind the big schedule, you must look to other varieties of projects, such as the introduction of films.Domestic films occupy the big season, hot season, the introduction of pieces to the corners of the seam, this is a big rule in recent years, from the effect is also very good.Someone has to go to the cold schedule. Schedule resources are also resources, and it is also a waste not to occupy them. The operation of introducing films to occupy the schedule of March, September and November can successfully solve the problem of lack of films in the cold schedule, at least from the surface.Counting death on the Nile, there are seven films currently in theaters, which are more like old stock, but also some new projects.In short, they are like a brick, which needs to be moved where it needs to be. Now that the post-Spring Festival season needs film sources to support scenes, these projects finally get a chance to land on the big screen and meet with the audience.Once there are plenty of films available, their support is no longer needed.However, even with the support of these films, the lack of films in the market has not been fundamentally solved, especially the lack of high-quality domestic projects, which will not form a diversified market, and the single film will make the market more deformed.Therefore, this node is the opportunity for domestic films, which is the fertile ground for breeding dark horses. Once they have good quality, they can easily run out of the trend of counterattack.It’s unrealistic to expect them to come to the rescue, given the current SLATE, but at least they’ll keep a steady stream of new releases flooding the market and keeping theaters stocked.Next, take stock of the market behind what to watch.Death on the Nile is part of Kenneth Branagh’s Agatha series.The last murder on the Orient Express has a star-studded cast, but its overall quality is relatively mediocre, with a mere 6.9 points on Douban, compared with 8.5 points on its predecessor.The film grossed $352 million worldwide, ensuring continued development of both the original and sequels.And the mainland gained 230 million volume, in reasoning suspense type, performance is good.Now this “Death on the Nile” is also one of The representative works of Agatha, the film is also a gathering of big stars, the heat is also maintained well, but the early word of mouth is still not expected, rotten Tomatoes in North America has 63%, the market performance is still doubtful.At present, its pre-sale performance in the mainland is relatively mediocre, and it will not even reach the volume of 230 million yuan of the previous film.”Bouquet of Love” as one of the few Imported Japanese films, the current heat and presale performance is very modest, obviously can not take any advantage of the market, the highlight is douban reached 8.7 points.As a film from a year ago, its release value is not great, more to play a role of filling up.In recent years, many Japanese animated love films have landed in the mainland market, but the overall performance is almost not good, and this live-action film is also difficult to take advantage of the cheap.”May I, You Also Happen to Like Me” all said that the names of mainland love films are longer and longer, but there is still a gap with Taiwan films.Then there was The Girl we Chased Together in Those Years, and now there’s Can you, You Also Happen to Like Me, which, at least in terms of words, has completely exploded the mainland romance film.The film is a year and a half ago project, and Taiwan romantic films have a history of their own taste, should have relatively good results.”Monster Watch: Forever Friends” is another Japanese animation with a strange title that has been shown on the mainland for many years without a break.However, from the perspective of market results, they did not have ideal results. They often achieved good results on the first day with the help of the heat of series IP, and then they were high diving.This monster Watch: Forever Friends is not very popular at present, and it is still a project three years ago, so it is difficult to guarantee the market.”Uncharted” is this year Hollywood S level of the head of the project, the film by “Spider-Man” Tom Holland, Mark Wahlberg and other leading actors, the lineup is very good, and it adapted from well-known games, heat is also has a certain security.Unfortunately, only 40% of rotten Tomatoes has opened in North America so far, and other markets around the world have seen disappointing first-run results.Despite the popularity of the Spider-Man franchise, it remains to be seen how much of a boost Tom Holland brought to the franchise, considering that his sci-fi film Chaos Walk only grossed 6.65 million yuan in the Chinese mainland last summer.The biggest downside for “Uncharted” is that four days after its release, the film will be besieged by “Batman,” which will cut into its market share.Many of us are still stuck in Nolan’s version of the Dark Knight, but batman has been rebooted twice in just a few years.Ben Affleck has not yet been warmed up to the role of Batman, but has suffered another role change, which means that the previous operation is a failure.More than a decade after Marvel took the world by storm, DC has yet to find the right way to unlock it.Zack snyder before make the DC universe, Ben affleck starred in the war of the batman superman, “justice alliance”, “suicide squads” three movies, but regardless of reputation or the market as a result, is far less than expected, which forced the DC reboot batman, again to know that this is today’s appeal, the gold, the role of absorptionAn easy reboot is not a wise choice.But the restart still faces many problems.Judging from the online poll, there was even more criticism of Robert Pattinson, adding to the pressure on the project.Matt Reeves (war for the Planet of the Apes, war for the Planet of the Apes, War for the Planet of the Apes, War for the Planet of the Apes, War for the Planet of the Apes, War for the Planet of the Apes, War for the Planet of the Apes, War for the Planet of the Apes, War for the Planet of the Apes, War for the Planet of the Apes)It’s a pivotal battle for DC and one of the most important films of the post-Spring Festival season.A few years after “Indian Girl”, Indian films are introduced to the mainland market again.This two-year-old Indian film has a bit of dangal in it, which is probably why it’s so important to importers.Opening on the same day as “The New Batman,” means it won’t get any more screen space and will have to rely on word-of-mouth to make a comeback, but it’s clearly not the kind of movie that can sustain a long-term performance.In short, we’re out of stock on the shelves. Replace it with stock from two years ago.However, as the mainland market has shifted from the imported film market to the domestic film market, and the domestic film occupies 70% of the market, the next priority is still the insufficient number of domestic films, resulting in insufficient filling of each schedule.Therefore, using the introduction of piece-sewing, after all, can only solve the urgent problem, can not change the essence of the problem, the next market or will enter a long-term cold period.