Way of life: kill

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“Meng Po, you look, you do so the result is, ghost as its nature, and so on for thousands of years also waiting, that their families?Do you miss them?We human beings alive, one for their own to live, two for parents and relatives to filial piety, three for history to pass, I Zhou Zhaoming today if agreed to this female request, my parents wife and children then how to do “.I interrupted meng Po’s dream, because Meng Po moved the heart, do not mention her, so down this yuanyang spectrum was this first chaos.Meng Po leng leng God, simply said a “Wang Yanhong go down first, always can’t force”.I might be the first person to say that about her in this hellhole.At this moment, eight ghosts came in, asymmetric five men and three women.I was blessed with a seat, and I wanted to see how meng Po gave these people the soup of oblivion.When these eight people narrated, I probably understood the meaning of which, among them only one pair of monogamy left first, the remaining four men and two women are a woman married twice, two marriages have feelings, two men are unable to give up their women.I’d like to see How Meng Po handles it.”Ghost domain has the way of ghost domain, you are all true love, two two a dream soul soup three two, ghost domain reincarnation three times, weak love life of the reincarnation of automatic exit”.Well, that makes sense.I was thinking about the moment come in a lot of ghosts, the back of the line do not know where to row.A male ghost was the first to say, “This is my son, and the three of them want to fight with me.”Three men arguing about a son.Reason: speak to the man who is the father of the child is adopted father, and before the women and men marry in March, respectively, with two other men slept, the first man to the $50000 spent 10 days with women go abroad to do business, the female at home with the second man, got a lot of advantages, this man is a doctor and was chosen by international organizations to peacekeeping force.Less than three months after the two men left, the woman married the man who started talking and gave birth to a child, who lived with the last man and took the family name.Can’t figure out who the kid is?The concept of male superiority and female inferiority of ghost domain seems quite heavy, several men have finished speaking, the woman has not opened her mouth, the result comes up again a man, opened his mouth to: “this child is mine”, which is this to sing?Original behind this man is a doctor, is the man’s relatives, a female with the secret several times a day, make sure the child is his, because he checked the body of the man began to talk without fertility, so sure the child is his, they also carry children behind his father often tryst, so more sure the child is his.”We eat our own soup and scatter our own children.Meng Po’s voice sounded.God, that’s a little tricky, but I think there’s something wrong with ethics in our world right now, how can a woman be so casual?Parents order matchmaker’s words became empty talk, at the same time I also admire Meng Po really own a steelyard.At this time, a man with angry face directly ran over loudly: “Meng Po, Chen Shimei reincarnation 20, this time I can go to kill him, the front 19 you don’t let kill, this time can kill it.””Small kill, Chen Shimei is the benchmark of the unfaithful han, and there is a day half life, the length of life are in the world, you want to kill him only reincarnation, walk”.”Don’t go, I wait hard for thousands of years, I am afraid to drink the dream soul soup don’t know Chen Shimei, kill his heart will never change, kill kill kill”.Then he ran out.”Slow down”, I stood up loudly: “your murderous spirit for more than one thousand years, is not killing the sky?Are you killing words?”But I didn’t say that finish, kill has run far, kill gas is full of head don’t bird and ghost.