Sandbank Diary | Circle reunion and happiness “sugar circle”

2022-07-22 0 By

Wednesday, February 2 The festival in the rain village is a warm and intimate New Year feast. The flavor of homesickness is deeply hidden in the food at home.The New Year’s flavor of Sandzhou is always accompanied by this unique flavor and profound meaning of snacks – sugar circle.Since the twelfth lunar month, sugar doughnuts have become a common Spring Festival activity in every household here.Sugar rim process is not complicated, just need to stick glutinous rice flour and rice flour 9 to 1 according to the proportion of mixture, sugar loops is usually a sweet mouth, and implies a New Year sweet, powder and sugar ratio is 3 to 1, formal production to add flour mixture to separate a quarter to cold boiled water knead into flat ball, into the boiling water and remove after the float,Add the remaining three quarters to the cooked dough while it is hot, and press the flour into a ball. After forming the ball, cut into small pieces and twist into strips, forming flower-shaped balls into rings, and fry in the oil until golden brown.Small sugar circle production is simple, but a symbol of the festival and relatives reunion, heart and hand in hand to lead the good moral!(Author: Zhu Xiaomei, Shazhou Village)