Prof. John TSANG: Conscience and behavior together

2022-07-22 0 By

Professor Tseng shih-keung wrote in his book “The BOOK of Changes Is Really Easy” : “Most people know the importance of conscience, so they often talk about conscience, but forget conscience when they take action.Thought-provoking!With the words of Professor Zeng as a mirror, we can find that there are too many such examples in society.Including our surroundings, including ourselves.When not to act, with conscience;When you act, forget your conscience.For example: do not act, the heart must be filial piety parents;Action, but often contradict, disobedience parents.I still remember that IN the summer of 2019, I once posted a friend circle, the content is the analects of Confucius “Zi Xia asked filial piety” allusion.Confucius answered Zi Xia in two words: “It is difficult to be sexually attractive.”This means that the most difficult thing for children to do with their parents is to be “agreeable”.At that time, when I posted this post, WHAT I thought was probably: “We must treat our parents in a ‘pleasant manner’.”But in the years since, it has been difficult to do so.Take this as an example: “Conscience when you do not act, conscience when you act.”As Zeng Shi said, we must combine conscience with action, which is conscience.If, on the other hand, conscience and action are not combined, it is equivalent to not having conscience.If you only say that you must be filial to your parents, but you don’t show it in your behavior, can you call it filial?Buddhists say that life is impermanent, and we have all heard that “the wind wants to be quiet but the wind does not stop, the son wants to raise but the parents do not wait”, so, when we understand the truth, we must seriously practice.However, what I want to remind you is that everyone has bad habits more or less, which have a great impact on themselves. But it doesn’t matter. As long as we follow the example of Zeng Zi, examine ourselves three times a day, reflect on ourselves often, read more sages, and be more sensible, our moral cultivation will be gradually improved.In this process, don’t get discouraged, believe in yourself and stick to it.