Our province will accelerate the optimization of educational structure layout to support Lanzhou to build a batch of quality schools

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On January 25, the 2022 Provincial Conference on Education was held in Lanzhou.It is reported that in the education work in 2022, our province should continue to pay attention to the quality balance of compulsory education.We will accelerate efforts to strengthen weak links, optimize the allocation of resources, implement the task of making both cuts and cuts, continue to focus on education, education, and education at the same time, and steadily advance comprehensive reform of college entrance examinations and enrollment.All schools throughout the province should complete the rectification task pointed out by The State Council Education Supervision Committee in the supervision and inspection feedback of the basic balanced development of compulsory education in Gansu province by the middle of March 2022.We will spare no effort to implement the livelihood of primary and secondary schools in the province, such as “building dormitories, expanding canteens, adding degrees and replacing toilets”, promote the sharing of high-quality education resources, and explore the integrated application of new technologies such as big data, artificial intelligence and virtual reality with education and teaching.We will implement the plan for building excellent high schools and the action plan for developing and upgrading ordinary high schools in counties.We have implemented the “double reduction” task, effectively reducing the total amount of homework for students, actively strengthening after-school and trusteeship services in schools, significantly improving the quality of classroom teaching, simultaneously reducing the size of training institutions and standardizing their management, and specifically addressing problems such as alienation and invisibility of off-campus training.The provincial Admission committee and relevant government departments of the comprehensive reform of college entrance examination should play an overall planning and coordination role, perform their respective functions and cooperate with each other, strengthen the monitoring, research, judgment and treatment of public opinion and emergency risks, and constantly improve and jointly promote the comprehensive reform.We will improve and standardize the system of academic performance examination, comprehensive quality evaluation, enrollment and other systems of ordinary senior high schools in the province, and complete all reform and work tasks on time with guaranteed quality and quantity.We will accelerate the development of information systems for comprehensive reform of college entrance examinations, such as an emergency command system and an online inspection system.We will strengthen standardization construction, routine maintenance and upgrading of test centers, and lay a solid material foundation for comprehensive reform of the college entrance examination.In 2022, the province will promote the improvement of education structure and form a development pattern of mutual promotion between vocational and general education.With “one garden and three groups” to support the “Skill Gansu” quality project, to build the west vocational education highland.We will carry out projects to foster cities and enterprises integrating industry and education, and make a good mark of “co-existence between city and school, and co-existence between school and enterprise”.We will enhance and boost the capacity of building a skill-based society, and improve the capacity of “skill-based provinces” in vocational education services from point to point.It encourages higher education to play the role of “head goose”, centralize human, financial and material resources to support the development of higher education in core areas, and promote the gathering and empowerment of high-quality factors such as talent, capital and technology in universities in provincial capitals.We will boost basic education to play the role of “model”, guide projects, teachers and other resource elements to gather and fuse to the core area, and support Lanzhou to build a batch of quality schools by taking the pilot plan, excellent education action and Excellent high school plan as the starting point.Lanzhou Daily media reporter Sun Yafei statement: reprint this article is for the purpose of passing more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: newmedia@xxcb.cn