North Carolina State University

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North Carolina State University (COMMONLY known as NC State), founded in 1887, is the largest public University in North Carolina.Your university is ranked 80th in the 2019 US News University Rankings.As a top scientific research school, the university has a complete set of majors, with more than 60 departments and colleges. The only shortcoming is that there is no Academy of Medical sciences.Some people feel that this is precisely what hurts school rankings.The school’s overall strength is comparable to that of the top 50 schools in the United States.The university offers undergraduate, master’s and doctoral programs, attracting many international students.Q: Why did you choose North Carolina State?A: When I was applying for an American university, I didn’t have A clear technical major. I wanted to study organic chemistry and biology at the same time. At that time, I happened to meet an elder brother who was studying for A master’s degree in North Carolina State University.He said that studying and living in this school are very comfortable, so this school is also one of the schools to apply for.As a matter of fact, my TOEFL score was not very high at that time, and the ranking of the schools I could handle was around 90-100.North Carolina State was kind of my final school.After receiving the offer, my application teacher also told me that going to a public university has many advantages. For example, the school has a large scale of operation, especially many technical majors, so THAT I can have the opportunity to learn the courses I like.Therefore, I decided to come to this school immediately after receiving the offer.Q: Did North Carolina State meet your expectations?Frankly, the first time we came to school was the first time we came to North Carolina.Before this, I only had a vacation trip to California in ordinary high school.When I first arrived in North Carolina, I felt that it was very different from California. It was not a very busy area.Our school is in Raleigh, an area with a slow pace of life. It is said that it is also known as the most beautiful big city in the United States.The first month on campus was spent exploring the campus, usually only nature.Gradually I realized that the school was beautiful all the year round.In the context of regeneration orientation, I felt the atmosphere of a public university for the first time.It was really crowded, and I had a chance to get to know a lot of Chinese students.There are also various themed activities of recruiting new students for clubs in the week of admission. Each organization has its own stall, and they will distribute leaflets and advertisements to promote and plan themselves, in order to recruit a large number of novices.I had a funny feeling that I was in the right area.So, if you look at the first impression, NORTH Carolina State university might be more in line with my expectations.Q: How do you feel about learning at school?In terms of learning, I think it’s particularly casual, being able to choose the courses you like.From the sophomore year, I gradually enrolled the courses of microbiology and organic chemistry that I am interested in.There are many good friends from business and engineering schools around me.In fact, I think the experience of learning is more different from person to person, the key is to see your own electives.For example, I can discuss my electives with my counselor two weeks before the start of a new semester, including grade points and so on, to get an early idea of my junior and senior years.Personally, I think the difficulty of my courses is not very high, but the investment degree is very high, so I can not mix at will.In addition, I feel that in the classroom teaching in The UK, experts and professors attach great importance to collaboration among students. Basically, I have to do group work or project with my classmates in every class.Later, every time I had a meeting with my classmates, I would find that they might be different technical majors, or other students had a lot of activities outside the curriculum.In that way, I have a stronger overall plan for my study and life.It is very valuable to cooperate with my classmates. At the beginning, I did not express my suggestions because I was not clear about how to say it.However, my little friend often requires me to express my thoughts, and we can effectively divide responsibilities.After two academic years, I became the kind of person who was active in the elite team.I think the degree of investment in the course is very important in learning experience.For example, I have a friend who is majoring in applied statistics. His courses are very difficult, and he often spends many hours on homework.Another friend is majoring in engineering projects. Normally, their courses are very difficult, but she studies very well and efficiently. She doesn’t have to stay up late at the end of the term.So, I still feel like it’s all about people.If you want to “water ski”, you can choose fewer courses, but if you want to learn things, you must pay special investment.Q: What is your daily life like at school?In terms of life, I live in the dormitory of the school, and the normal living radius is relatively small. The key is near the school.Our school often has a variety of themed activities, such as Christmas and Halloween, the dormitory will be arranged in a very atmospheric atmosphere, people will also participate in activities in the service hall.In terms of food collocation, as I have meal plan, the key is to have meals on campus.Sometimes good friends go to a Chinese restaurant outside school or a Vietnamese restaurant.The best friends I know of graduate students who can cook for themselves because they live off campus, or very well.I’m looking forward to moving out in my junior year.Q: What are the special areas of the school?Speaking of particular areas, in fact, during my daily life in school for a year, I felt that the school was generally very comfortable and gentle, including my friends and teachers.However, when I was a sophomore, I watched a football match held by my school and suddenly realized our madness.Our school mascot design is Wolf couple (Mr. & Mrs. Wuf), we all students even Wolf cubs, hey hey, is it particularly wild!The bright red mascot design is also more aggressive, under the circumstances of the event all students shout together, very interesting.That’s when I realized I was part of the Wolf Pack.To learn more