Liu Chong investigated vegetable supply and price stability and tourism industry development during the Spring Festival

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On February 3, Liu Chong, deputy secretary of the Municipal Party Committee and mayor, led a team to the Second Farmers’ market of Wencheng, Tongguling Scenic area, the ancestral residence of Song family and other places, and carried out research on vegetable supply stability and tourism industry development during the Spring Festival.Deputy mayor Liang Jianxiao participated in the investigation.At the Second Farmers’ Market in Wencheng, Liu chong had a detailed understanding of vegetable prices, market supply and food safety supervision during the Spring Festival.Liu stressed that relevant departments should ensure supply and vegetable reserves, strengthen market supervision, and maintain sufficient supply and stable prices of vegetables.We will carry out food safety testing and strengthen control at the source to ensure the safety of the people’s “bite of the tongue”.We will actively plan the development of the vegetable basket project, further expand the scale of growing vegetables, vigorously promote the development of the vegetable distribution system, and constantly meet the needs of the people.At the International Convention and Exhibition Center of Longlou Town and the Tongguling Scenic spot, Liu Chong listened to the report on the development and planning of tongguling area and the tourism reception of the scenic spot.He demanded that we should unswervingly take the road of ecological priority and green development, base on wenchang’s resource characteristics, find the right development orientation, further improve the allocation of tourism industry elements, and build a tourism development system with scientific layout, reasonable format and distinctive characteristics.We need to strengthen planning and guidance, step up the development of tourism infrastructure, create new “explosive spots” for tourism, comprehensively improve tourism services and reception capacity, and further improve the quality and upgrade of tourism consumption.That afternoon, Liu Chong also went to han’s house, song’s ancestral home for research.Liu Chong pointed out that Wenchang has rich tourism resources and profound cultural deposits, and has great potential to develop cultural tourism industry.All levels and departments should strengthen the sense of mission and responsibility in the excavation, repair and protection of cultural relics, excavate the connotation of overseas Chinese culture and wenchang local culture, and continuously polish the cultural card of Wenchang “Hometown of overseas Chinese”.We should deeply integrate resources, tell the story of Wenchang well, launch a series of cultural and creative products with Wenchang characteristics, build cultural and tourism industry brands, and help the development of Wenchang International Space City.Note: This text and text is published by Wenchang publishing editor, reprint must indicate the source.Statement: some pictures from the network, if there is infringement of your rights and interests please contact us directly, we will delete or negotiate permission to use matters.Email News hotline 15308906559