EStar is cornered many times, and the Wolves are the new evil lords

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Preface: Hello everyone, I am yao, every day for you to release the latest information in the game field.In yesterday’s WE and eStar game, the former began to direct two straight wins, the great evil King eStar beat meng.It would have been 3-0 had it not been for the subsequent change in form.EStar’s state was the main concern in this game, as they had won two titles in a row and everyone wanted to know if the team was really unbeatable.Topic of the day: EStar has been cornered many times, wolves are the new evil king, condition is everything!EStar has been pushed to the wall many times both in the Autumn tournament and the Challenger Cup last year, eStar showed no one but the in-form Wolves seemed to be able to beat them.But the spring season was different, with XYG having finished 3-2 twice, and fans already had a sense that the team wasn’t invincible.And in the match yesterday, eStar was beaten 2-0, although there is a relationship between the old players, but the state of the team can be seen.Since Fly’s return, the Wolves have been at the top of the KPL, up and down, but unable to get out of group S.Especially since last fall when they were the only hope in the entire KPL to beat eStar.The Wolf team in the spring game, seems to be a little different, many times out of the “flower live”, still achieved good results.They’ve been up and down in the past, but now they’re at the top of their game, as if they’re going to be the new demon Kings.Before the second round of the regular season, it was said that Group S was nothing to watch, only wolves and eStar were strong.In group A, either the champion or the runner-up, absolute chaos.But after the regular season began to find that GK alone, the game almost no suspense.On the other hand, the S team, which was not expected, had a series of tight battles.Wolves and eStar, which is known as the final rehearsal.After the era of the demon king passed, the player’s condition became the key to victory.Personal opinion Although WE almost beat eStar, it doesn’t mean that they are ready to arm wrestle with the top teams.Knowing their opponent’s game is the key to their success.Group S is still divided into two camps, one is Wolves and eStar, strength belongs to the only one.Two is the remaining four teams, each other are not bad.The only uncertainty is TTG, the state of decline is very obvious, the next round of high probability to meet the card match GK, can stay in group S is unknown.Ok, today’s content is shared here, if you think yao said reasonable, might as well give Yao a concern, a praise, thank you for your encouragement and sharing.