Abrupt termination!Netizen anger: refund money

2022-07-22 0 By

On March 30, a weibo post from the China Consumers Association put “Cloud Sang Yu Yi” on the top search list. “With the attention and promotion of the Association, Cloud Sang Yu Yi has announced that it will suspend the service process and continue to provide game services,” the association said.What’s going on here?It is understood that “Cloud Sang Yu Yi” is a 3D ancient style dress-changing mobile game jointly developed by Shenzhen Tencent Computer System Co., LTD and Chengdu Xishan Ju Shiyou Technology Co., LTD. On February 20, 2022, “Cloud Sang Yu Yi” announced the suspension of service (to shut down the server processing) suspension notice shows that,Tencent is terminating the operation of cloud Wingyu mobile game in the Chinese mainland as its agency agreement with the game’s developer is about to expire.A lot of game players by the sudden announcement of announcement of the whole meng stop taking shows that shut down the server at the same time Provides compensation activity will delete all data game announcement said the gift bag/point/draw involved at the same time will also be for the user account within the game not consume virtual currency and not fail the game service (if any) to replace.Participation in the compensation activity shall be deemed approval of the compensation/replacement scheme.On March 18, The Chinese Consumers’ Association said it had paid attention to the game’s disservice problem. As of March 30, there were hundreds of complaints about the disservice of cloud Sang yu yi on the black catThey mainly include not informing users in advance that there is no reason to delete player data and asking users to return the recharge amount, etc. On March 30, Yunchang Yu Yi issued an announcement in response to its decision to suspend service and stop paying games, and put forward 4-point operation plan 1.The suspension of service in the original announcement (April 28) will be cancelled, the server, official website and customer service will continue to open, and users can log in the game normally.2. The compensation activities provided by the planned suspension of service will continue until 23:59, March 31, please pay attention;3. In order to ensure version quality and user experience, the game package needs to be optimized, and it will take some time for all channels to be back on the shelves. Please pay attention to the subsequent official announcement.4. Subsequent in-game services provided to users will no longer enable payment, and users can still play the game normally.