“Now Our School” was a big hit…Will it be the second “Squid game”?

2022-07-21 0 By

(P ≥ W ≦q) Good weekend!Do you have Netflix’s new Korean original series “Our School Now” that I introduced to you not long ago?A day after its release, “Our School Now” ranked No. 1 in the world in Netflix’s TV program division, according to Netflix Patrol, an online content service.Since then, rotontomato, an American criticism site, has received a positive response with a 100 percent freshness index.One critic said “Netflix has breathed new life into the zombie genre “, while another praised it as “a work worthy of the attention of horror and zombie lovers”.The average score of 38 viewers was 4.2 out of 5.This is higher than hell (69 percent ·3.7 points) and The Silent Sea (70 percent ·3.7 points), and similar to squid Game (83 percent ·4.1 points).IMDb, another US review site, received more than 2,200 comments in less than 48 hours, with an average rating of 7.7.This is much better than hell and The Quiet Sea, which received 7 points and 7.2 points respectively.In addition, 48.1 percent of the respondents gave 10 points, the highest percentage among Korean dramas released on Netflix.74.8 percent of the audience gave 8 to 10 points, while only 9.4 percent gave 1 to 3 points. One viewer who got full marks said, “This is the best zombie movie I have ever seen.””The adventure and action of this series have left audiences looking forward to the next episode.”However, one viewer said, “The plot and ordinary characters are exactly the same as other zombie movies,” while another criticized, “It would be boring to repeat the story after two or three episodes.”Adapted from the popular comic book of the same name, “Our School Now” tells the story of high school students who suddenly spread a zombie virus at school and struggle to survive. It stars Park Ji-hoo, Yoon Chan-young, Cho Eu-hyun, Na Mon and Lee Yoo-mi.It remains to be seen whether a global craze such as “squid game” will emerge again.If you like the school thriller series, don’t miss it at home