Monks don’t eat meat, but why do they have fat heads and big ears? Is it because they save all living beings?

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Monks don’t eat meat, but why do they have fat heads and big ears? Is it because they save all living beings?Introduction: Buddhism is one of the three major religions. It was founded early and entered our country very early. It exerts an important influence on our culture.According to historical records, During the reign of Emperor Mingdi of the Han Dynasty, Indian Buddhism was introduced to China and spread throughout The Three Kingdoms period.One day, Emperor Liu Zhuang of the Han Dynasty had a dream. He dreamed that a golden man of 60 zhang height and shining head was coming from the West. Then Liu Zhuang sent an envoy to the Western regions to worship Buddha sutra and Buddha Dharma.Since then, Buddhism has taken root and sprouted in China. Now, temples can be seen in many places. The monks in temples are called “monks” and “nuns”.Whether in movies or in real life, monks always look like “fat heads and big ears”. Why is that?During The Three Kingdoms Period, monks from the north came to the south to preach. It is recorded that Sun Quan built the “Jianchu Temple”, which is the first recorded Buddhist temple in The South of the Yangtze River.During the two Jin Dynasties, because everyone studied metaphysics, Buddhism’s prajna school also developed to its peak, and Metaphysics also became the way of spreading Buddhism.By the Sui and Tang Dynasties, When Emperor Chengwen ruled the country with Buddhism, there were more than 500,000 monks and nuns and 3,000 temples were built.The prosperity of Buddhism at this time can be seen.We also know that the Five precepts of Buddhism are no killing, no stealing, no sexual misconduct, no lying, and no drinking.The first, “no killing”, was later expanded to include “no killing of animals”. Animals also belong to living creatures, so monks naturally do not eat meat.Monks do not eat meat is also the law introduced by Emperor Wu of liang, in the form of law to continue this precepts.Getting back to the point, how does not eating meat make you fat?Economic source is more, mainly because of the ancient temple in ancient times, the temple of the main source of economic and state funding, the state will provide land and money, let host construction and maintenance of the temple, in Buddhism spread at home, at the same time temple can also give farmers near the assigned to the land rent to hire, let farmers to temple taxes, in ancient times this is also a significant income.Believers “sesame oil money” is also a large income is one of the widely after the influence of Buddhism, there are a lot of believers, tens of thousands of followers to temple “celebrating”, now you need to pay a “sesame oil money”, as well as some royal aristocrats came, let let comes with a large amount of donations, accumulate over a long period temples can save a lot of money.Therefore, when he became rich, the food in the temple was not bad, so at the end of the Yuan Dynasty, Zhu Yuanzhang could not eat, and chose to become a monk, just to eat enough food.There is no meat in the temple, but the monks’ diet is not bad.The monasteries mainly use rapeseed oil and soybean oil. Vegetable oil is more likely to cause obesity than animal oil. The monks’ staple food is not only rice, but also steamed bread and vegetarian steamed buns.These are carbohydrate-rich starches, which are more likely to cause obesity in the long run.Another point is that monks do not exercise much, and their work is mainly chanting and meditating. Sitting still makes them fat easily.Generally speaking, Buddhism is for you to pursue inner peace, as long as it doesn’t affect your health, it doesn’t matter if you are fat or thin, it’s what monks should do to get rid of worldly troubles and pursue a higher spiritual state.