Hengshui main city 6 bus line adjustment operation

2022-07-21 0 By

According to hengshui Municipal public Transport corporation, in order to better facilitate passengers’ travel, bus routes of no.6 in the main city have been adjusted since April 1.Details are as follows: the line at the end of the first station: hengshui railway station – victory outside Lucy ring opening the original line direction: hengshui railway station, center street, xinhua rd, yucai street – – victory Lucy sheng li road outside ring mouth after adjusting the line to: hengshui railway station, center street, heping road, banyan flowers, xinhua rd, yucai street, street – sheng li road victory Lucy outer ring mouth adjusted site Settings:Downward direction:The railway station, city business bureau, heping road red flag large blocks, banyan districts peace road, the People’s Bank of China, leisure square, hengshui daily, xinhua rd center street, tap water company – hengshui four yuan – the fourth middle school – city/the people’s square – yucai street intersection – victory yucai street intersection – taocheng district civil affairs bureau, construction of residential area, landscape names, forward – east horse – victory street elementary schoolLubaoyun Street pass — Shengli Road Kangtai Street Pass — Traffic Police Detachment — Shengli Road Changming Street pass — Shengli Road Shunxing Street pass — Shengli Road Shunping Street pass — West Outer ring Pass upward direction:Victory Lucy outer ring mouth – shunping sheng li road blocks – shun xing sheng li road blocks, traffic police detachment, contax sheng li road blocks, city five yuan – victory lobo cloud blocks/city – forward five yuan street primary school – landscape names – construction of village – victory taocheng district civil affairs bureau, yucai street intersection, yucai street people’s road, the municipal government, the fourth middle school – hengshui four yuan, xinhua rd the large blocks, criterion the yarn,Leisure square – Hengshui Daily – Xinhua Road hongqi Street – Ronghua Street Xinhua intersection – experimental primary school – Heping Road hongqi Dajiekou – City Bureau of Commerce – railway station staff tips, please the general public friends according to the changes in the line reasonable arrangements for travel, details can call the bus hotline 0318-2036168 consultation.