He spent the Chinese New Year in Tonga: a patchwork New Year’s Eve dinner, the flavor of the year is not reduced, the affection is thick

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Unconsciously, came to the Lunar New Year.Over the past year, we’ve watched the spread of a mutant strain of Omicron, witnessed the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan, freted about volcanoes and tsunamis…How are they doing overseas?How was your Spring Festival?From today, deepsea Studio will present a series of micro features, listening to the overseas Chinese people talk about their own feelings, homesickness and New Year’s expectations.For Mr. Chen, who has lived in Tonga for more than 20 years, this Spring Festival is very different.In mid-January, a volcanic eruption and the resulting tsunami disrupted the quiet life of Mr Chan, who lives on Tonga’s main island.The roof of his house and the road near his home were covered in a thick layer of ash, and a supermarket he ran was flooded.These days, Mr. Chen is busy shoveling ash and cleaning up flooded cargo.While busy rebuilding, a strong earthquake of more than 6 magnitude struck nearby Tonga on January 27, and Mr. Chen does not know when life will return to normal.Even so, for him, who has lived in a foreign land for a long time, the Spring Festival must be enjoyed.Share pork: fried pork tenderloin sizzling with pork oil, spicy fish head chopped with pepper, steaming mutton hot pot, plump pork dumplings…Mr. Chen’s New Year’s Eve dinner was the result of a hectic day with his two friends.Mr. Chen and his friends spent a busy day preparing the New Year’s Eve dinner.But in tonga after a disaster, it’s not easy to create such a hearty New Year’s Eve dinner.Tonga already has limited local vegetable production.After the eruption, a large number of vegetable fields were covered by ash, and local shops had limited vegetable stocks and some vegetables were damaged.When Chen was at his wits end for the New Year’s Eve dinner, a Chinese friend came to Chen’s aid and gave him some of the vegetables he had stored.The lamb was raised by the friend’s family, while the pork in the dumpling filling came from another Chinese friend.”I ‘grabbed’ two kilograms of pork belly from his refrigerator.””Mr. Chen said jokingly.Although it is “rob”, but in fact friends are very happy to share with him.Mr. Chen makes dumplings with his friends.The latest shortage is drinking water.Local water sources were contaminated by the ash and shops were almost empty of bottled water.Chen said aid supplies to Tonga are mainly distributed to hard-hit areas such as the coast of the main island and outer islands, while his central region is receiving less aid.Fortunately, Mr. Chen began to store drinking water consciously when the volcano erupted, and his Chinese friends’ families were also prepared, so drinking water for the lunar New Year’s Eve dinner was not a problem.”The water has, the vegetables have, the meat has, oneself do point fish slippery again, New Year’s Eve dinner this is enough!”Mr. Chen was content.From different places and for different reasons, this group of Chinese came to Tonga to do different kinds of business.But after the eruption, they got together and put together a New Year’s Eve dinner from what little they had.Mr. Chen’s dining table was not large, but eleven people sat close together.We chatted as we ate, from daily life, to the volcano eruption, from neighborhood anecdotes, to relief supplies.Although it is happiness in pain, it is also the best care between fellow countrymen in a foreign land.Laughing, Mr. Chen took a photo and posted it on wechat moments, saying: “Happy Chinese New Year!After the disaster, thanks to the efforts of all parties, we finally had a year of the tiger with food.”Mr. Chen still remembers how the family would clean and prepare food at the end of the Chinese New Year, then set off firecrackers, fireworks and play cards together.Nowadays, the Overseas Spring Festival, though not as noisy as in China, is happy and lively. The purring of hot pot and laughter are all mixed together, which is what these Chinese in Tonga are longing for after a busy year.Locals in Tonga are repairing satellite communications equipment.However, the Tongan Chinese Association and the Guangdong Chamber of Commerce have cancelled their Spring Festival gatherings.”Since tonga has been hit so soon, we need to take into account the feelings of the local people,” Mr Chen explained.Speaking of the New Year of the Tiger, Chen said he will stay in Tonga because his mother has got used to life here.His biggest wish is for the outbreak to end as soon as possible.In the past two years, Mr. Chen’s travel agency business has been hit hard, but it has given him time to settle down and think about the future.”Hopefully things will get back to normal and I will find like-minded people to do what I want to do.””He said wistfully.Source: Deep Sea Studio