Cook was in a hurry!Start betting on the iPhone13?

2022-07-21 0 By

Cook has dropped the price of the iPhone several times!What was your first impression of the iPhone?I never lower the price, and there are so many people rushing to buy!You can see how much we love the iPhone in the mobile market.This valentine’s Day in the dog east home drop 300 discount, and add a bottle of water can get the original charger, which is also very fragrant!What original price buys before also can apply for insurance price now, get price difference!In fact, such preferential efforts have appeared in the beginning and end of December 2021, the original price of the purchase of Apple Care+ plus one year, the end of December free charging head!Third party platforms will not miss the holiday this time, using it to boost sales and lure consumers into spending under the guise of Valentine’s Day.Start on the official website cook 5999, you can buy the original charger on the e-commerce platform 5799+9, for our ordinary consumers this is a white whao ah!256 is only 6499!