Thumb up!Doctor Wang Qisheng of Linfen central hospital was praised by patients!

2022-07-20 0 By

70 years old lady actually “beg” I praise linfen city center hospital endocrine branch wang Qisheng doctor…Netizens broke the news:Teacher zhang I am a quick 70 – year – old woman who, years ago I was in the hospital, I want to let you praise the linfen central hospital endocrinology Wang Qisheng doctor, years ago, I went to the hospital, he found me to have a meal, every day to eat cool pickle of steamed buns, he had to buy rice, hospitals have no medicine, no surgical consultation of medicine hospital Mr. Wang on my own, their own money to buy me,There is no one to take care of me in hospital, using his rest time to take care of me, at the expense of their own time, I this old lady is very touched!I hope to praise him in our douyin, and praise such an unknown good doctor in our TV news broadcast. Here I kowtow to you and Dr. Wang Qisheng. Thank you.Please!Zhang Guoqiang shows you linfen