Police college students study hard for 4 years, but failed to participate in the joint public security examination, is “sitting together” caused by the disaster

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The police is the embodiment of justice, is the hero in everyone’s mind, being a police is also the dream of many male students since childhood.In recent years, it has become a trend to apply for the police academy. It is not only to realize your dream but also to have a stable job. However, it is not easy to be admitted to the police academy.There are high requirements for students’ grades, but as long as students work hard enough, it is not too difficult, in addition to the requirements of grades, but also need political examination and physical testing, this link eliminated a lot of students.Want to be a police, police school is the first step, also need to participate in the joint public security examination, if successfully passed, you can become a people’s police.Police college students study hard for 4 years, but was rejected by the public security joint examination of the public security joint examination and civil servant exam similar, there are written and interview, political review, but the public security joint security also more than a physical test, the general examination of the police school students, as long as serious efforts, pen interview and body test are not a problem, the pass rate of 80 percent.But different from civil servants, the political examination of civil servants is the last link, but the political examination of public security is placed in the first link, that is to say, if the political examination is not passed, you can not participate in the written test.There are also many students who have been admitted to the police academy, but can not take part in the joint public security examination. Xiao Wang is a police academy student, and becoming a policeman is his dream since childhood.Wang has also been in order to dream and work hard, the results have been among the best, with a very good result was admitted to the police school, during the school, Wang has been working hard for the joint examination of public security.But did not think of the political examination of the time out of the problem, resulting in can not participate in the joint examination of public security, Xiao Wang does not understand, in the police school when his political examination clearly passed, why now but not.It turned out that during wang’s college years, wang’s brother had an accident caused by drunk driving. He was investigated for criminal responsibility and had a record, so he got involved with Wang.There are not a few examinees like Wang who cannot take the joint public security examination or civil service examination due to family involvement.Some netizens said that it is now the 21st century and the society is making progress. The idea of favoring boys over girls has changed. Why hasn’t the ancient sitting system been abolished?Family mistakes have nothing to do with the examinees themselves. If you do this, you will lose a lot of excellent talents. Should we cancel it?Personally, I think joint sitting should not be cancelled. If a person makes a mistake and is easily let off, he will be more unscrupulous and ignore the law.By doing so, we can better constrain ourselves to think not only for ourselves but also for our families and future generations, thus reducing the probability of committing crimes.And the political examination of other posts take not to cancel the concurrent sitting regardless of the public security joint examination should not be cancelled, if the police’s family members are not law-abiding, you have what qualifications to ask others.In other words, how do you know he won’t use his position to condone the wrongs of his family?So it shouldn’t be canceled.If you want to be a police officer, in addition to being strict with yourself, your family should also restrain their words and deeds, so as not to bring influence to students and miss such a precious joint public security examination.Why to say the opportunity of public security joint examination is very precious public security joint examination is not like the civil servant exam, as long as meet the requirements, the age can be unlimited number of times to participate in the joint examination of public security is not to say that everyone has the opportunity to participate in, even if it is the police school students are the same.The police school of judicatory kind, as well as the university student of the major of public security inside the police school, and the public security major of certain university of politics and Law cannot attend public security joint examination.Only the graduating students of public security major of public security colleges and universities have the opportunity, and they can only participate in one life, and at the same time, the probability of becoming a police officer through the joint examination of public security will be higher.So said the public security joint examination opportunity is very precious.In addition to the public security joint examination what can be when the police if the examinee because of the political examination problem did not pass the public security joint examination, and the police this post and even civil servants and other posts are basically out of the picture.However, students who fail to pass the written test or the interview should not worry about becoming police officers in other ways.Take an exam for instance officeholder, public security this post can face social recruit for a job every year, want examinee to prepare for an examination seriously only, review diligently the possibility that can have shore certainly, also can realize a dream certainly.In addition, we can first become auxiliary police, many people sniff at the auxiliary police post, but auxiliary police also have the opportunity to become a regular officer, although the probability is small, but it is better than no chance.Finally, I would like to say: police is indeed a respectable profession, with stable work and good treatment. But in addition to the high admission score, the training after passing the exam is also very hard.So the student still wants to be clear before registering oneself for an examination.Topic Discussion What do you think of the political trial “sitting together”?Welcome to the comments section.