Chongqing Jialing factory, civil motorcycle founder, peak occupied half of the domestic market

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10 years ago in chaotianmen take a bus to Beibei, after shuangbei intersection can see a gray stone brick mall, remember the old man at that time said magnetic device mouth is the suburb, the impression of a big shopping mall is the outskirts of the dividing line.Ten years later, I could only see the big store in my memory. The roadside was filled with modern buildings. I had always thought that jialing Factory no longer existed.Jialing Factory, formerly a branch of Jiangnan Manufacturing Bureau founded by Li Hongzhang and Zeng Guofan in 1875, specializes in the production and repair of guns, named Longhua Gun Factory, with a history of more than 140 years.In 1932, the Japanese army invaded Shanghai, and after the “1.28” Incident, longhua Gun Factory was moved to Gong County, Henan province. The following year, the factory was moved to Zhuzhou, Hunan province as a whole, and was renamed the 25th Armaments Factory after it was subordinate to the National Government Armaments Department.In 1938, as the Japanese army moved south, the 25th Ordnance Factory moved to Chongqing and was named Jialing Machinery Factory.After 1978, most of the Arsenal turned to civilian, jialing proposed to produce civilian motorcycle plan, because at that time, there was a blank domestic civilian motorcycle.At that time, the production of civil motorcycle only Shanghai happiness 250 for the post and Jinan qingqi production of single cylinder 15 mouses, the market prospect is very broad.In 1979, a motorcycle research institute consisting of 25 people was established in Jialing Factory. In that year, the first “Jialing” 50-type two-stroke mopeds were trial-produced. After passing the road test, 2,500 mopeds were produced in the next year, which were sold out immediately after being listed.In 1981, Jialing started the first technical cooperation with Honda to transform and upgrade Jialing 50, and began cross-industry and cross-system cooperation.Puling Machinery Factory, Huawei Electronic Equipment Factory, Hongshan foundry, nanchuan Agricultural Machinery Factory became the first batch of close cooperation with more than 100 manufacturers later.At the same time, we break the factory direct sales model, cooperate with dealers all over the country, and gradually form a deeper and closer industrialization supporting system with Jialing factory as the leader.In 1983, the annual output of “Jialing” motorcycle exceeded 100,000 units, and reached 1.3 million units in 2005, becoming the largest motorcycle manufacturer in China.After entering the 1990s, the national motorcycle market demand is large, motorcycle manufacturers are springing up like bamboo shoots after a spring rain, and the market competition is quite fierce.Lifan motorcycle, Longxin motorcycle is more aggressive, with the momentum of the jialing motorcycle, Chongqing’s three major motorcycle manufacturers of motorcycle production occupy more than 70% of the national annual output, Chongqing has become the national motorcycle production base.May be the motorcycle industry to eat very sweet, everyone wants a piece of the action, many manufacturers switch to the production of motorcycles, the most impressive is the Chunlan air conditioning into the motorcycle industry, the chunlan motorcycle 125 to 17,000 yuan a.I do not know why in recent years have not heard the news of Chunlan air conditioning, Chunlan motorcycle I am afraid has been yellow.After the industrial system reform in 2000, most state-owned factories closed down and the wave of laid-off workers followed. Only jialing factory was the most stable, which made many laid-off workers envy each other and regret not being able to enter the jialing factory.At this time, The Jialing factory cooperated with many manufacturers and distributors, and the partners were all over the country, with more than one million employees related to the Jialing factory.The elderly joked that if the Jialing factory closed, not only thousands of workers would be laid off, but millions of people across the country would have their meals affected.It is no exaggeration to say that the manufacturers cooperating with jialing Factory, plus the dealers all over the country, and the employees associated with jialing Factory can hardly be counted by numbers, which shows how much social influence jialing factory had at that time.The former Jialing factory was an arms factory. During the War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression, the Japanese army often bombed Chongqing. In order to avoid being bombed, the jialing factory’s production workshops were all in caves before liberation.After liberation, the production workshop was built on the ground during the short peace period. In the 1960s, during the three-line construction period, the workshop was moved into the cave again. In the 1980s, when the international environment eased, the production workshop returned to the ground again.Most of the cave’s production workshops are now abandoned and many of the openings have been blocked.I don’t know when it’s going to open. Dive in and see where the first civilian motorcycle was made.Taking photos through the crack of the door, there was a wine jar inside. Maybe it was because I had a cold recently and didn’t smell the aroma of the wine. If an alcoholic smelled the smell of the wine, he might guess what the wine was and how old it was.What matters, though, is how big a bottle it is, and how long it would last if you were an alcoholic.The wine stored in the cave is believed to belong to the Jialing factory and may have been used to celebrate Chinese New Year dinners or important events.Jialing Yiyuan is a place for the employees of Jialing factory to take a walk for leisure. It is said that it took 10 years to build the garden in a scattered way during the off-duty hours of the whole factory.When I visited here 10 years ago, IT was easy to walk quickly, but now I feel a little breathless.Maybe, we are old, every scenery here is a memory, every tree is a little touch of scenery.The first motorcycle in my life was “Jialing” 50C. Although the belt roller was not as powerful as the chain teeth later, it was very fashionable to drive on the street.At that time, the jialing 50C was not like the bicycle of the 1960s and 1970s. It was definitely a magic device for picking up girls in the new era.Riding a motorcycle, take a beautiful sister, not only is high head turn, but also let people envy the heart itch.Then the 70, 90, 125, 150 and the last 250 racing cars, at that time, the most disliked 125, I do not know is the muffler configuration or the engine problem, the noise is very loud, driving into the alley were all scolded by aunts.State-owned enterprises have explicit regulations that their children can take over the post after their parents retire, and their children’s schools are places to train and store reserve forces.The children’s school is the enterprise establishment, when the Jialing factory was in its heyday, the children’s school teachers pay higher than the enterprise establishment teachers, a lot of people want to go to the jialing factory children’s school to teach.A friend who graduated from normal school said that almost all of his class went to third-tier factories to teach in schools for children. After a few years, the third-tier factories began to reform the system, and the teachers in the schools had to choose their own jobs.Dujin village, ancient Jialing River gold sand, to the jialing river to panning for gold sand has become the occupation of the local villagers to survive.Jialing River gold sand content is very high, the villagers out of the gold sand stacked in the shore of the dwellings, it is said that the gold sand pile like a mountain, people call this village gold village.Did not experience the time of gold sand rush, I do not know what a pile of gold sand will be, presumably also like the TV inside to see the same, glittering.In the era of working as hard as you can when you have enough to eat, employees can voluntarily complete their production tasks without supervision, and work very actively.At that time, jialing factory also produced a national model worker, who was rated as a national model worker is very rare, especially in the state-owned enterprise, can be rated as a national model worker is even rare, to know that the treatment of the national model worker is comparable to the main hall level, rated as a national model worker after retirement, no longer worry about firewood, rice, oil and salt.In 2010, jialing factory was moved to Bishan as a whole. The original site of jialing factory was occupied by the expanding urban area. Only the living area can find the traces of the former Jialing factory.If you like to visit the old streets and alleys, you can visit the living area of jialing Factory when you have time. If there is another large-scale development, I’m afraid these old scenic spots will disappear forever. I wish you a pleasant journey.This article is a record of the manuscript, see things say things, see its think, think of writing, if there is wrong place, please forgive everyone.Thank you for reading this manuscript and for your constructive comments.Original articles, plagiarism shall be prosecuted.