Ying Asia Securities consulting the Federal Reserve rate hike as scheduled;Zte applied for more than 60 billion yuan credit

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This week will hit a bottom, may fall below 3000 points, steady friends before the festival don’t move, empty positions can wait and see, be caught don’t easily cut meat!You can leave some principal, Friday after the opportunity to add warehouse;Cheer up. It’s the darkest hour before the dawn.1, Yaxia Automobile: stock trading for 5 consecutive days from tomorrow suspension check Yaxia Automobile (five board) evening announcement said that the company’s stock price rose abnormally, will be suspended from the market on June 14 verification;Since the resumption of trading on May 23, Yaxia Auto in 16 trading days, 14 trading days, a cumulative rise of 270%.Comments: restructuring stock is the only bright spot, and the leading is Yaxia auto, demon stock drive plate, has always been A share characteristics, this is also the management of special stop;Choke the faucet, the plate is very easy to a chicken feather.In itself, Yaxia automobile is also a blind speculation, public education borrowed a shell, 2 years of valuation soared 50 times, it is just a civil servant training institutions, the future prospects really so good?Now is speculation to tens of billions of market value, it is really A stock dry out.Of course, now the weak environment, really do not hope that supervision hand, do not have to force everyone to take over Foxconn.Look at the Summer car dragon tiger list, luxury bright blind, the big hot money also earn pot full pot full, Zhao Lao Ge profit at least 30 million, joy coast 40 million, chapter leader more than 10 million, Jintian road also earned 5 million, the key these big hot money are locked up, art gao bold ah!Summer car special stop, in the end is a reminder of life, or gilded character, it depends on the hot money out hard not hard, but to this price, do not conform to the leadership ideas, estimated will be strictly monitored.Education aspect shadow unit, as well as the rear row recombination concept division sharp international, can unblock message, see can pick up stick, otherwise recombination wants cool!Zte will apply for a credit line of 30 billion yuan +6 billion US dollars from banks. Zte announced that the general meeting of shareholders will be held at 9:00 am on June 29, 2018.According to the announcement, the shareholders’ meeting will approve ZTE’s application to bank of China Limited for a comprehensive credit line of 30 billion yuan;Apply for usd 6 billion comprehensive credit line from Shenzhen Branch of China Development Bank;Zte provides a joint and several liability guarantee of no more than US $600 million for zte Hong Kong’s medium and long term debt financing.Comments: ZTE now has only 26.5 billion yuan of monetary capital on its account, while the company’s total debt is 95 billion yuan. The capital chain is very tight, and the company has been sanctioned for 2 months. Now it needs money to resume production.Therefore, it is very normal to apply for more than 60 billion yuan of credit from the bank;Otherwise spend so much to live, can’t starve to death!For the stock market, this may be short-term positive, ZTE at the beginning of the year to raise 13 billion bet ON 5G, now there is money support from the bank, the increase may not be made, after all, the stock price has fallen so close to each other, but also the capital stock market circle money, afraid is public opinion will explode.Five institutions sold more than 600 million industrial FUlian opened today, closing at 25.72 yuan, turnover of 15.8 billion yuan;After-hours data showed that five institutions sold a total of 660 million yuan;The buyers were all brokerage business department, a total of 663 million yuan.Comments: women’s federation really bad, a day on blood 16 billion, accounted for the Shanghai city 10% more, a beast into ten thousand bone withered, Foxconn crazy blood, other small bills can only die.Foxconn open board, not only did not wear green hat, almost dry to trading in the afternoon.According to the dragon and Tiger list, five institutions have sold more than 600 million yuan. No wonder the unicorn fund leaflets have spread to the vegetable market.And buy top five are hot money, also did more than 6 billion, active capital human face beast heart.Foxconn needs too much money for such a big plate;Women’s federation is a unicorn benchmark, if so, it will be bad for Xiaomi, Baidu and Ali to come back, from the national will, women’s federation performance should not be too bad.A number of securities companies received a notice on preparations for the pilot work of innovative enterprise stocks or depositary receipts issued by the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchanges today.According to the notice, the Code segment 605 of the Shanghai Stock Exchange will belong to innovation-enterprise stocks, and the code segment 609100 to 609999 will belong to innovation-enterprise depositary receipts.According to the notice, innovative companies’ shares and depositary receipts will be marked separately on the market information of innovative companies’ shares and depositary receipts, as well as their securities attributes such as not yet making profits and differences in voting rights.Comments: regulators deny that the “Shanghai Stock Exchange set up a new trading plate” plan, but 6 prefix code, almost is the prototype of the new plate, to be ripe for the launch of certain;Do not push now, is not to let the gem collapse, but the reality is, small bills have been in the mud.Originally, gem is the standard nasdaq, now do A few years will be abandoned, or too eager for quick success, A shares are not now plate less, is too much.But there is no way, a person fry the fate, although to rely on self struggle, but can not escape the process of history;6 header code comes out, CDR gradually approaching, and then buy small note carefully when cannon fodder!Overnight, the Federal Reserve as scheduled to raise interest rates by 25 basis points, from the basic point of view, the US dollar has the basis of interest rate hikes, MAY CPI recorded 2.8%, exceeding expectations, inflation has touched the Federal Reserve’s warning line for interest rate hikes.After the Fed’s decision, the three major U.S. stock indexes plunged lower, gold spot fell below $1,300, the dollar index edged higher.At the close, the Dow was down 119.53 points, or 0.47 percent, at 25201.20, while the Nasdaq fell 0.11 percent to 7695.70 and the S&P 500 fell 0.40 percent to 2775.63.Ten-year US Treasury yields took the lead in rising and then falling, after a short time to break through 3% fell to 2.977%, the DOLLAR index fell to the high, not a firm 94 mark.Comments: The CENTRAL bank is faced with a difficult choice of whether to follow the US interest rate hike. It is expected that the CENTRAL bank will not directly raise interest rates or indirectly release liquidity, such as cutting the reserve requirement ratio.At present, the interest rate gap between China and the US is still quite significant, and the pressure of capital flight is under control. However, the red line of 3 trillion yuan in foreign exchange reserves must be held.For A shares, the market reaction in advance for A long time, calculate good ground;Recently the market is more bearish, there are additional tariffs, the Impact of the World Cup, the overall will not be too optimistic.Disclaimer: The information contained herein does not constitute any investment advice and investors should not substitute such information for their independent judgment or make decisions based solely on such information.The author makes every effort to ensure the accuracy, completeness and timeliness of the information in this article, but does not guarantee its accuracy, completeness and timeliness, nor accepts any responsibility for any loss arising from the use of the information in this article.