Wow!!!!Bayannur athletes barnang as Beijing Winter Olympics biathlon technical officer

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After ding Yuhuan, a native athlete from Bayannur City, was selected to compete in the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, barang, a sports school student from Bayannur City, was selected as the official technical officer of biathlon at the Beijing Winter Olympic Games on February 5, reporters learned.As domestic technical officers, they also have another name – “test slider”.Before the official start of the Winter Olympics, test skaters are the first to set foot on the track.After arriving in Zhangjiakou on January 21, the barn immediately went into pre-match preparations.Barns told reporters that the biathlon test team has eight people. Their job is to provide feedback to the track workers and operators, and if a problem is found in a particular part of the track, it can be fixed in time to create the best conditions for the athletes.In addition, the timing system, lighting and relay system are also important testing links.After several days of simulation drills, the barn was put into operation on February 5.”The biggest difference from when I was an athlete is that I don’t think about the technique anymore.In fact, it is a matter of great pride to participate in the Beijing Winter Olympics in any capacity.I hope the Beijing Winter Olympic Games will be held smoothly. I hope the Chinese athletes, especially ding Yuhuan from Zannur Bayannur, can achieve excellent results, show the best side to the world, and win honor for the country and hometown.In the meantime, I will keep working hard and hope to compete in the Winter Olympics one day.”The barn said.Barn was born in Wuyuan in March 2002. He studied in Wuyuan No. 5 Middle School when he was in junior high school and was a middle and long distance runner of the school.In 2018, he was selected to the city sports school ski team, participated in 2019 national Two Youth Games, 2020 to participate in the Lausanne Winter Olympic Games, and was selected to the autonomous region professional team…Although, barns is still in the city sports school students, but has become the main athletes of the autonomous region biathlon team.It is understood that the selection of skaters for the Beijing Winter Olympics has very strict conditions, must be high-level, outstanding comprehensive ability of professional athletes, Barn’s success in the selection, fully proved his strength.In recent years, Bayannur city has taken key competitive events as the breakthrough and selected materials across disciplines, forming a talent training system for ice and snow sports, and cultivating a number of excellent athletes such as Ding Yuhuan, Barang and Li Jiarong.These athletes represent our city to participate in the national and regional events, repeatedly achieved success.Now, they can stand on the track of the Winter Olympic Games, can serve such a top event, also shows that Bayannur city actively training and transport snow and ice sports talent remarkable achievements.In the future, Bayannur city will continue to explore its advantages, adhere to the training mode of talent delivery, strengthen the basic ability training and psychological training of athletes, improve the performance of athletes in school training, and help bayannur City form a good new pattern of ice and snow sports development.Source: Bayannur Daily Bayannur Daily all media reporter: Yuan Yaqin editor: Chen Long