Ted from the Silence of the Lambs.Bundy, a murderer who made countless teenage girls beg for his life

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A hot news in 2020, a Japanese twisted murderer, after torturing his girlfriend and a young woman on the run for 2 months and 07 days, was arrested.Amazingly, what should have been a story of police justice was published in the entertainment section, and the headline was even more fanciful.The Most handsome Prisoner in Japanese history.Countless wife powder for its aid, ask the Japanese government acquittal.The Japanese government, seeing countless women holding signs outside the courthouse in protest, reluctantly ran a story headlined “Brain-dead phenomenon at the end of the world”.See this title can know, the little girl’s three views of the problem is really enough brain damage.It’s not just people today who have a problem. An updated version of this story was published more than 100 years ago in the United States.They even made films and printed books for people to read.Ted Bundy: The Silence of the Lambs.For those unfamiliar with the name, the Silence of the Lambs, one of the most enduring crime films of all time, is familiar.There is an unforgettable character in the film, his name is Hannibal, is a cannibal.He is different from the general abnormal homicidal maniac, but a calm thinking, IQ superior gentleman.What he does best is analyze people’s psychology, identify their weaknesses, and get them to help him pull off the perfect series of crimes.The famous American director Hopkins had a different interpretation of this character.”Perhaps you think it would be very pleasant to dine and talk with him if he did not eat you.After all, he has great knowledge and great manners.”He can bite off the face of a prison guard to the tune of Bach and beat the rest of the guards to bloody pulp.Then sit on the other side with your hands stretched back and relax, quietly enjoy the second half of the music.The bloody gentleman prototype in this film is the serial killer ted mentioned at the beginning.Bondi.Ted Bundy is Ted Bundy.Bundy, in the five years from 1973 to 1978, there are 35 murders and rapes recorded in the U.S. archives that he alone committed.But the number of unrecorded, unreported cases goes far beyond those 35.It is said to be more than 100.In the act of killing, he usually bludgeoned them to death.Or strangled and raped to pieces.He escaped from prison twice before being arrested by U.S. police in February 1978.But even if arrested, he also refused to confess, with ultra high IQ and ultra high logical thinking, he fired his original lawyer in the court, and then do their own lawyer is still not guilty for their own defense, in the middle of the rest, using the small skylight in the library to escape again, until ten years later, arrested again.Only then did he recognize his heinous crimes and was executed in the electric chair on January 24, 1989.It was the end of his legendary life.The typical psychotic serial killer has several similarities, such as a troubled childhood, abuse or sexual abuse at an early age, depression, and a history of bipolar disorder or mental illness.Reticence, social phobia, extreme need for control.High IQ.Ninety percent are male.While ted.Bundy seems to be missing all but the last two points.Ted Bundy was born in a women’s shelter where most women had children out of wedlock or without knowing whose child they were carrying.Someone said that children born under such circumstances are unfortunate enough.But he was lucky to have a mother who loved him and a grandfather who loved him.Bundy’s mother gave birth to her, but not wanting to expose the child to future criticism, she asked his father, Ted.Bundy’s grandfather.My grandfather loves his daughter and his new grandson.He claimed his grandson as his own.And she becomes the child’s adoptive father, the biological mother becomes the child’s sister.Although it may sound inhuman, it is a kind of protection for the newborn child.Ted Bundy also grew up in this situation, where he was helpful, united, and sunny at school.But when he came home for vacation in high school, he accidentally saw his identification, and that’s when he learned the truth.Or maybe there was something dark in his heart from then on.But this did not affect his strong psychological quality, he was still admitted to the University of Washington.And there he met his first girlfriend, a wealthy young lady named Tangney Brooks.The rich young lady also fell in love with Bundy because of his gentle appearance and humorous conversation.It was also at this time that Bundy came into contact with high society.He was madly in love with the feeling of being humbled by his miserable upbringing.The haze in his heart grew larger, he began to steal, peep, steal women’s private parts of the clothes.Make it fun.His girlfriend, a rich girl, may have seen his behavior, could no longer stand the poor boy’s perverted behavior, and ted.Bundy broke up.The disappointment of love, as if this was the last straw, he crushed Ted.From bundy’s prison door, a demon has been unleashed.The world lost Gethad.Bundy was studying like crazy after breaking up with his girlfriend, and he met Brooks, his ex-girlfriend, again at a Republican convention.By this time bundy already had another girlfriend Elizabeth.But he and Brooks still hit it off, and Brooks was brutally dumped during their courtship.Bundy and the lady’s last words were “I just want to prove that I can have you.”After that, Bundy’s twisted personality exploded, and his path of murder followed his path of study, committing cruel killings on the American continent again and again.After nearly a dozen crimes, police in the United States still have no leads, except for witnesses who say they saw the killer.Good-looking, with a Beetle and bandages on his body, is the only clue to a random killer.They pooled witnesses to create a rather sketchy picture of the killer.Once the photo was leaked, Bundy’s friends found out and teased him again, “You see how similar you look to this killer.”A joke is a joke, and no one, least of all a cop, would mistake a successful, happy, knowledgeable Bundy for a murderer.But the killer’s wife found a pattern, and wherever her husband went, there were murders, plus that suspicious photo, and that particularly familiar Beetle car.Elizabeth called the police.The police call sent the murderer on the run, and he committed multiple murders on the run.It was brutal. According to the police, none of the bodies were intact.Bundy was captured twice by the police, and both times he performed spectacular feats.The first court, he opened his own lawyer, and by their own to serve as their own lawyer, rigorous logic, admirable eloquence, do not plead for their own innocence.Then he took a break to escape.On his second court appearance, knowing he could not escape, he took advantage of a loophole in the law that prevented the execution on his wedding day.During a break in court, he proposed to his lawyer, and it worked.This continued for months, while his wife, the lawyer, gave birth to a daughter and registered the murderer.After all, the law is strict and selfless, the police in a corpse, finally found a clue, the bite marks on the corpse.It’s exactly the same as Bundy’s tooth marks, and it’s a killer clue, and there’s no way to reverse it.The ending made all the cops, all the judges feel especially stupid.On the day of the execution, countless teenage girls gathered at the courthouse to demand bundy’s acquittal.These young girls are madly in love with this killer.I don’t know when the level of appearance is justice.But is such a distorted view really right?What is the law if it exonerates an established crime just because of looks?