Science and technology to help zhangjiakou Winter Olympics competition area more smooth traffic

2022-07-19 0 By

“Check the departure of the traffic station” “Switch to another driver’s driving state”…On February 8, Zhang Minghai, executive director of the traffic operation command center of Zhangjiakou Race District, carefully checked the operation status of the support vehicles in front of the intelligent large screen of zhangjiakou Traffic control Center.How does this remote real-time monitoring work?”Thanks to the integration of big data, remote interaction and other technologies into the transportation operation of the Winter Olympics, the informatization and intelligentization of the transportation guarantee of the Winter Olympics will be realized to ensure the safety and smooth transportation of the Winter Olympics.”Zhang Minghai said.In order to successfully fulfill the requirements of “efficient, punctual, safe and reliable” transportation during the Olympic Games, Zhangjiakou city began to explore the innovative application of intelligent transportation during the Olympic Games from 2018. Hebei TOCC Zhangjiakou Branch Center was built and put into operation on October 21, 2020.Zhangjiakou smart transportation development and Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Winter games.In 2021, relying on the automatic data acquisition system of the TOCC big data platform of the Municipal Transport Bureau, the Traffic Support Group set up a traffic informatization command center in Chongli South Passenger Transport Hub, integrating transportation, station, highway coordination, fuel guarantee, traffic control coordination and other departments into the command system, and set up special centralized offices.At the same time, all the video surveillance in the competition area is connected to the command center, and the hand platform command system connected up and down is established to realize the visualization and transparency of the whole competition area.As a direct high-speed channel between Beijing and Zhangjiakou, Yanzhonggao Speed Hebei section undertakes the task of cross-competition arrival and departure guarantee.Since the establishment of The Hebei section of Yanhongjun Expressway, it aims to build a smart road. It makes comprehensive use of cameras, radar, high-definition bayonet, feature recognition units and meteorological monitoring stations to realize the comprehensive perception of traffic status, vehicle status and environmental information, and can not only automatically detect, track and analyze events.In addition, the vehicle intelligent unit, roadside intelligent base station communication and service platform can make unified decisions to realize the data exchange of 13 application scenarios, such as safety and efficiency, and provide traffic guarantee for vehicles transferring to the Winter Olympics.”Since the opening of The Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games, zhangjiakou has been well received by athletes, journalists, volunteers and other customers with the help of science and technology.”Zhang minghai said.(Reporter Ma Mingming correspondent Weng Jianhui) Source: Zhangjiakou Daily pay attention to Hebei News network, understand the latest news in Hebei.