Say sorry six times in a row!Sun Long issued a document remorse, will replace his reply to encourage!

2022-07-19 0 By

February 17, Beijing time, the Beijing Winter Olympics entered the 13th day of competition.At the end of yesterday’s final in the men’s 5000 m short track speed skating relay, when China Sun Long handover rods, trying to block NaDao beyond, the results directly to be left on the baffle, the Chinese team out of medal contention, finally ended up with the fifth grade its Olympic journey, but make mistakes Sun Long in the individual events of the play to also is not very ideal,Coupled with wang Meng in the explanation of some of his past, many netizens will be disappointed to pour on sun Long.This Sun Long postings on social media today, he wrote six consecutive “sorry”, “I’m really sorry my teammates, I’m sorry our coaching staff and the entire team, I’m sorry all like short track speed skating fans, I’m sorry always believe me and I hope my family and friends, but I most sorry is my motherland.I have let you down and I will accept all your criticism. I am really sorry!”Sun Long wrote in the dynamic.But his teammates Wu Dajing, Ren Ziwei and Li Wenlong all stood by his teammate and gave him encouragement after the race. In the comment section of Sun long’s post, Lin Hyojun, a naturalized Chinese athlete, also responded, “Don’t blame yourself, come on, come on!”‘Lin’s ID shows that he has completely changed the English of his name to pinyin, which shows that he is taking life as a Chinese very seriously,’ Lin wrote in his reply.It is worth mentioning that Lin Xiao 埈 to join Chinese nationality in 2019, according to the rules of the ioc, he requires clarification period for three years to compete for China, and thus missed the winter games, in other words, I’m afraid Sun Long international career has to end, his position will be Lin Xiao 埈 replaced, and he was able to complete the redemption opportunities still exist,We need him to reflect on the pain, learn lessons, use the training intensity beyond ordinary people, to come out of the trough, hit back at all the criticism, bless him to be able to rise from the ashes!