Russian tactical missiles in position!Macron’s emergency survival forced Europe to break with the United States

2022-07-19 0 By

Not just Ukraine, but NATO and Putin?Tactical missiles in position to reach multiple critical targets!Will Macron save his life by forcing the West to break with the US?After three failed rounds of talks, Russia has learned there is no point in making peace with NATO over Ukraine.Since then, NATO has been testing Russia’s bottom line.At a time of tension, for example, Britain has supplied Ukraine with a large number of anti-tank weapons systems, and Canada has stepped in by sending special operations forces into the country.The biggest provocation, of course, is the United States, which has approved the supply of American-made weapons to Ukraine by its Allies, smacks of warmongering.So after seeing this scene, Putin’s patience also ran out!According to intelligence obtained by Ukraine, Russia has so far deployed 36 Iskander M missile launchers along its border with Ukraine.Just hearing about iskander missiles makes it clear that this situation is not simple.As we all know, the Iskander M missile is called the “contemporary hero” of Russia’s tactical missiles.Based on its range, the missile can reach several key military targets, including Kiev, the capital of Ukraine.In the end, the situation in Ukraine has come to this point because of NATO’s implicit support.So with this missile reaching multiple key targets, Russia may have to launch a broad response.In addition to Ukraine, Mr Putin will not spare NATO.It has been estimated that 36 Iskander M missiles, deployed on the Border with Ukraine, could defeat NATO’s 40,000 troops in as little as half an hour.Imagine how powerful this missile is!I have to say putin was really pissed off.It is worth noting that, having seen a series of counter-manoeuvres by Mr Putin, Mr Macron recognised the situation and took a stab at his own people.European countries are well aware that it is not in their own interests to follow America’s lead in confronting Russia.Compared to the United States on the other side of the ocean, Russia is their permanent neighbor.In response, Macron called for the European Union to develop its own strategy towards Russia, that is, to develop a new security agreement with Russia according to its own situation.Clearly, this call will come as a heavy blow to America.Too often, European countries take their cue from The US when it comes to Russia.If the EU decides to set its own strategy, it will mean that the US will lose its dictatorial power over Europe.To some extent, Mr Macron is forcing the West to break with the US.Mr Macron’s words will do most to undermine unity within the West, especially as Russia prepares to launch a general offensive.At the very beginning, the United States had only one main purpose in stirring up tensions between Russia and Ukraine, that is, to make Europe recognize the Threat of Russia, so as to better unite around the United States.With Macron’s words, Biden may have wasted his time.So, by taking this knife to save France’s life, it’s literally right in the blood of America.Nor does it seem far off that the West will break with America.(Fu Xiaoyu)