In the world: Zhou Nan was seriously injured, water artesian blood donation exposure relationship between two people, bingkun Zheng Juan heartbroken

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Hello I am the original author “silly elder brother said shadow”, artesian water in the world play is a man who can’t distinguish good or bad, their own with elegant temperament, their childhood is also have a bitter water, how much he knows Zheng Juan life difficult, in Zheng Juan pregnant, he and LuoShiBin Zheng Juan 35 yuan a month, then Zhou Bingkun wages only 18 yuan,And they give the money but a large number of Zheng Juan, in order to be able to normal every month give Zheng Juan living expenses, both bottom of speculation when enough, finally accidentally fell into the French open, but he also contributed to the Zheng Juan and Zhou Bingkun marriage, after prison of artesian water and LuoShiBin opens the way of getting rich, he doesn’t like LuoShiBin the counterparts, he knows what to do business,What not to do business, can stop in time, he is a sentient beings have righteousness, has not forgotten Zheng Juan mother and child, often remind LuoShiBin has a child, artesian water know in those days inside, not expose LuoShiBin, because LuoShiBin is his brother, in an era in which uncovered, so Zheng Juan scandal will be known, will harm Zheng Juan can’t live,But the hornets LuoShiBin fighting for custody of the son, unexpectedly threat Zhou Bingkun, although artesian water on race in custody, positive ideas behind your back, but he didn’t want to hurt Zheng Juan family, he just want to keep in a good life, is utterly abhor LuoShiBin artesian water at this time, but also appreciate Zhou Bingkun aboveboard,LuoShiBin ending ultimately killed, but he has made a will before death, belongs to direct heir in Beijing, in Beijing was also want to rely on LuoShiBin strength of studying abroad, but in with his mother, has been not dare to speak, artesian water spelled out for so many years, see at a glance in idea, privately recognized in Beijing as the adopted son, and often in correspondence,Help in Beijing, and in finally according to the expectations of artesian water also came to the United States to study, however, is man in seriously injured in a warm, need a blood transfusion, artesian water know their blood type is the same as in Beijing, worried about godson he offered to donate blood, but in Beijing still because of the heavy injured died, artesian water heart-broken,Tell Zheng Juan recognized in themselves as godson, childless artesian water has been put in for a kiss the son, in Beijing is the death of god for his punishment, Zheng Juan told the truth at first surprised, later also chose to let go, Zhou Bingkun learned that died in grief, in prison according to netizens, artesian water opened a bookstore, and Zhou Bingkun also become the best friends,Maybe that’s the best that can happen to artesian water.Ok, that’s all for today, like and follow, we will see you next time