Doctors have warned against overeating and drinking during Spring Festival

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During the Spring Festival, when families were getting together, 34-year-old Zhong was hospitalized.In the department of emergency Medicine of Zhejiang Provincial People’s Hospital, doctors and nurses shook their heads at the white lipids in the syringes.”The patient is 1.7 meters tall and weighs more than 180 kilograms. She came to the hospital with severe pain in the middle and upper abdomen, accompanied by nausea and vomiting.”Emergency medicine department attending physician Xu Liming said.Small bell bodily form is fatter, all along appetite is good, open eat, feel oneself too fat to want to reduce weight sometimes, take exercise however it is 3 days catch fish 2 days bask in net, nothing effect.In the previous two years, Xiao Zhong had been hospitalized for acute pancreatitis caused by hyperlipidemia.When he got out of the hospital, he was cautious, but as time went on, he let himself go.These days coincides with the Spring Festival, small bell dinner constantly, full of wine and food, to see a few strings of barbecue left on the plate, can not help but take to solve.Did not expect a few hours later, he appeared abdominal pain vomiting and other symptoms, pain sweating, the whole person are bent up.Family to see the situation is wrong, busy he sent to the hospital, to the hospital after the blood test, blood specimen was white flower “milk blood”.Severe acute pancreatitis, abdominal infection, peripancreatic effusion, hyperlipidemia…Xiao Zhong is in critical condition!”Heavy drinking and overeating are common causes of acute pancreatitis.Heavy eating, combined with a variety of high-fat and high-protein foods, can overwhelm the pancreas.When a time of heavy drinking and overeating, promote the secretion of pancreatic enzymes, resulting in a sudden rise in the pressure inside the pancreatic duct, causing pancreatic bubbles to burst, pancreatic enzymes into the interstitium between the acinar and promote acute pancreatitis.Alcohol and high protein high fat food intake at the same time, not only increased pancreatic secretion, but also can cause hyperlipoproteinemia.Pancreatic lipase breaks down triglycerides and releases free fatty acids that damage the pancreas.”Zheng Yueliang, director of emergency medical discipline of Zhejiang Provincial people’s hospital, says that the young people of acute pancreatitis are more because of overeating and drinking, and the elderly are more concerned with gallbladder disease.”Cholecystitis, which is an infection of the biliary tract, allows bacteria to release a kinase that activates trypsin, which also becomes an active substance that damages and dissolves pancreatic tissue, converting pancreatin, which is present in pancreatic fluid, into trypsin.This enzyme is highly active in digestion and penetrates into the pancreas and causes its own digestion, leading to pancreatitis.”Zheng yueliang explained that patients with cholecystitis generally have gallstones, and patients with gallstones may have small stones discharged from the gallbladder into the bile duct, and the bile duct and the pancreatic duct drain bile and pancreatic juice into the intestine through a common channel.Once small stones block this common channel, bile flows back into the pancreatic duct, activating digestive enzymes in the pancreatic juice and producing “self-digestion” of the pancreas, which can lead to acute pancreatitis.Greasy diet or overeating easily induce gallbladder stone discharge into the bile duct.Aunt Luo, over 58 years old, was also admitted to Zhejiang Provincial People’s Hospital suffering from acute pancreatitis.Facing the doctor’s understanding of the medical history, Aunt Luo was a little excited and helpless.Now life is good, young and old, three generations of festivals together, chicken, duck and fish are just like “dragonfly water” taste, “left over more than 10 dishes, can only eat more than usual, it is a pity to waste!”Did not overeat, why also can get acute pancreatitis?The doctor found that Luo had gallstones, and everything became clear.Originally, after eating greasy will stimulate the contraction of the gallbladder, resulting in small stones along with bile discharged into the bile duct, resulting in bile duct blockage, causing acute pancreatitis.Zheng yuelang said that the Spring Festival holiday is half over, so the health warning should continue: eat a reasonable diet, do not overeat.We should not indulge ourselves in indulging in food and drink because we are in a happy mood. Temporary pleasure may lead to diseases such as acute pancreatitis, which not only afflicts us, but also threatens our lives, and increases our family’s psychological pressure.In particular, some patients with liver and bile diseases should pay attention to restrain their drinking desire and not laissez-faire.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: