Winter Olympics volunteers | Hebei “post-90s” couples join hands to volunteer for the Winter Olympics

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Shen Wenqi sorted out the work briefing at the volunteer home of the National Ski Jumping Center.People’s Daily Online shijiazhuang February 5, “Good morning, we are off!”At 8:00 am on February 5th, volunteer Shen Wenqi left the station on time and took a shuttle bus to the National Ski Jumping Center of Zhangjiakou Winter Olympic Village for Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games.Outside the window, snow was white.Shen took photos and videos of the volunteers in the car. In the footage, the volunteers with her wrote “Beijing, 2022” with a smile in the fog of the car window.”Then we will make the ‘Daily Star’ H5 to show the elegant style of the volunteers, so that the confident smile of the volunteers will become the most beautiful name card of xue Ruyi!”She said.At the zhangjiakou uniform and registration branch not far from her, Shen wenqi’s husband Wang Xiaomin was checking the security entrance.Shen Wenqi, who was born in 1992, is the secretary of the Youth League committee of the School of Materials Engineering at Beihua Aerospace Institute. Wang Xiaomin, who was born in the 1990s, is a policeman working at Xinkai Police Station of Guangyang Branch of Langfang Public Security Bureau in Hebei Province.On July 13, 2020, After intensive training, Wang Xiaomin carried out security and explosion-proof security check in zhangjiakou Uniform and Registration Branch center.In the same year, Shen also actively signed up to be a volunteer for the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics.Shen wenqi volunteered at the National Ski jumping Center.”To be on the frontline of the Winter Olympics together is the best wedding present for us.”Wang xiaomin and Shen Wenqi originally set the wedding date for August 2020, but due to their busy work schedule, they didn’t hold a simple wedding until September 2021.The second day after their wedding, Wang xiaomin went to Chongli again and continued to fight in the front line of security work for the Winter Olympics.Nowadays, zhangjiakou Winter Olympics Village implements the mode of “big closed loop” and “small closed loop”.Although they are in the same competition area in Zhangjiakou, according to the requirements of epidemic prevention and control, Shen Wenqi and Wang Xiaomin are still in “different places” mode and cannot meet each other.The “post-90s” newlyweds did not complain, but tacitly, side by side in different places, caring from space.”This wall has the emblems of 15 universities from all over the country, giving our volunteer home a new synonym — a place for Internet celebrities to punch cards.”As a member of the volunteer publicity team of the National Ski Jumping Center, Shen wenqi plans and makes promotional videos every day.Today, the volunteer home of the National Ski Jumping Center has become a “home” for volunteers, a warm harbor for volunteers.Shen Wenqi and Wang Xiaomin.Once, when Wang Xiaomin was on duty passing by Wen Chuangxin Street where Shen Wenqi lived, he took a picture through the fence and sent it to his wife on wechat: “I just passed by where you live.”After receiving the news, Shen Wenqi heart immediately surging up a warm current……”Xiaomin and I are both volunteers. Working together for the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games is a precious experience for both of us and will be a fond memory for both of us.Youth without regret!Want to say to him, ‘Where I fought, you fought too!'” Shen said.(Lam Fu-shing, CHENG Chen-tzu)