Which city does Wugang belong to

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Wugang belongs to Shaoyang city of Hunan Province.Wugang city, hunan province under the jurisdiction of county-level city, administered by Shaoyang City, located in the southwest of Hunan Province.Wugang is a subtropical monsoon humid climate, is the national commodity grain base city, tea production base city, known as the important place of Guizhou and Guizhou and southwest Hunan said.1. Location of Wugang City Wugang city is located in the upper reaches of Zishui and at the foot of Xuefeng Mountain. It is the central region between five counties in the southwest of Shaoyang City.Wugang city is adjacent to Shaoyang County in the northeast, xinning County in the east and southeast, Chengbu County in the south, Suining county in the west, and Dongkou County and Longhui County in the north.The total area of the city is 1549 square kilometers.2. Administrative division category of Wugang City Administrative division category of Wugang city is a county-level city, directly administered by Hunan Province and managed by Shaoyang City (prefectural city).Hunan province and Shaoyang City are the upper administrative units of Wugang City.3. Administrative divisions of Wugang City Wugang city has jurisdiction over 4 subdistricts, 11 towns and 3 townships.City people’s government resident in yingchun Pavilion street.Among them: (1) Wugang city under the jurisdiction of 4 streets, respectively: Xuimen street, Yingchun Ting street, Shuimen street, Fa Xiangyan street.(2) Wugang city has jurisdiction over 11 towns, which are dengyuantai Town, Wantouqiao Town, Wenping Town, Jingzhupu town, Choushutang Town, Dengjiapu town, Longxi Town, Simachong Town, Qinqiao Town, Dayan Town, Shuangpai Town.(3) Wugang city under the jurisdiction of 3 townships, respectively: Maping township, Yan Tian Township, Shuizping township.4. Climate environment of Wougang City Wougang city is located in the subtropical monsoon humid climate zone, belonging to the subtropical mountain climate, with four distinct seasons and abundant rainfall.5. Conclusion Wugang city is a county-level city directly under the jurisdiction of Hunan Province, administratively managed by Shaoyang City.Therefore, Wugang city belongs to Shaoyang City, also directly under hunan Province.Expand knowledge: Wugang city is rich in tourism resources, the main tourist attractions are Yunshan National Forest Park, Wugang City Wall, Langshi Village and so on.(1) Yunshan National Forest Park, located 5 kilometers south of Wugang City, Shaoyang City.The scenic spot is known as China’s 69th blessed land, “Chu Nan Scenic Spot”.In ancient times, Yunshan was one of the four famous mountains in Hunan province, including Hengshan, Yuelu and Jiuyi.(2) Wugang City Wall, located in Wugang City, Shaoyang City, Hunan Province.Wugang city wall was built in the Song Dynasty, are built of bluestone, strong and majestic.Enjoys the reputation of “Wugang wall covers the world”.(3) Langshi Village, located in Shuangpai Township, east of Wugang City, Shaoyang City, Hunan Province.Langshi village has 88 buildings (excluding shrines, nunneries, temples and pavilions) built between the 52nd year of The Reign of Emperor Kangxi of the Qing Dynasty and the 3rd year of the Republic of China, with a total area of 10880 square meters.