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The so-called “every festival fat three catties”, festival eat too much how to do?Herbal tea is one of the healthiest ways to lose weight.Every kind of flowers and plants has different effect, but choose to suit oneself most only that paragraph, ability achieves the goal of healthy thin body.01 Black Oolong Tea in many tea drinks, Oolong tea fat removal effect is the best!Especially after we eat a lot of greasy food, drink some black oolong tea, its fat removal efficiency can be 1 times higher than other tea.At the same time, black Oolong tea is rich in tea polyphenols, higher concentration than ordinary oolong tea, which can further inhibit the absorption of fat by the human body.Black beans tea black beans have a tonic effect, so weight loss at the same time can strengthen qi and blood, but will not make the body weak.You can use the pan dry fried tea, drink a cup a day.And, black beans contain anthocyanin, can effectively prevent fat into the small intestine after being absorbed by the human body, at the same time make fat smoothly discharged from the body, not easy to cause accumulation, weight loss effect is very good.03 Eucommia tea eucommia tea is widely recognized as weight-reducing tea, which can supplement liver and kidney, strengthen muscles and bones, and also prevent the rise of cholesterol and neutral fat in the blood, and inhibit the accumulation of fat and weight growth.Most importantly, guzhong tea is also very good palatability oh ~04 Bitter melon tea Bitter melon tea tastes sweet, at home with bitter melon boiled water, or directly with bitter melon dried tea to drink, also very convenient.When we cook bitter melon, we will remove the bitter melon flesh, but in fact, bitter melon seeds are rich in conjugated linoleic acid, which can effectively prevent fat accumulation. When making bitter melon tea, we might as well drink it with the bitter melon seeds.Dandelion tea is made from roasted dandelion roots. It is very similar to coffee in flavor and color, so it is also called “dandelion coffee”. However, it does not contain caffeine, and it is quite popular among pregnant women.Dandelion tea is rich in inulin, which is difficult to be digested and absorbed by the human body, providing a low energy value.Inulin can regulate intestinal flora, has a significant effect on improving constipation, and can also improve the absorption of minerals, avoid mineral deficiency caused by diet weight loss, and control the rise of blood sugar.06 Gambogic tea market, a lot of weight loss food are added to gambogic, because gambogic can inhibit the synthesis of fat, prevent the accumulation of body fat.And gamboge to neutral fat, cholesterol and other lipid increases also have an inhibitory effect, can prevent obesity and related diseases.It should be noted that garcinia has the effect of detumescence, but it should be noted that the dosage can not be too large, especially for the weak.07 Corn whisker tea this tea is simple, just put 50 grams of corn whisker and the right amount of boiling water into the pot, with a low heat for 20 minutes.Corn beard tea has the effect of going oedema, lowering blood pressure, diuresis and reducing weight, and can also be used to prevent and cure chronic nephritis.Pomelo tea with qi phlegm, runfei qingchang, tonifying blood spleen and other effects, can treat less food, weak mouth, dyspepsia and other diseases, but also help digestion, in addition to phlegm thirst, qi Sanjie, so can also help to lose weight.Winter can do pomelo hot drink, only with pomelo half into small pieces, add water into the pot, the fire to boil into a small fire, boil 30~60 minutes to add sugar.Summer is more suitable for a cup of grapefruit rock sugar juice, only peel grapefruit, divided into small flap, add water into the blender into juice, put a little rock sugar can be drunk.Synthesis from: Health in China part of the picture from the web editor: MAO Wenlu proofread: MAO Wenlu