I feel sick for days after every party. What happened?

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Some people can’t sleep at night thinking about what they did or did at a party.The key is this improper words and deeds, we may not care about, but they just can’t let go.Some people look forward to the moment of success, through the party to share their joy, looking forward to having others envy, to enrich their hearts, but the party is over, found very lost.There are people who think they have a good life, but when they get together, they find that life is just what they think it is.Often they really want to see, really want to talk about the people, we understand each other, speak freely, do not care about their words and some behavior to make the other party misunderstanding.Such gatherings are usually less uncomfortable.What can cause discomfort are usually polite formal perfunctory, mechanical eating and drinking, disrespectful topic seeking, oppressive atmosphere and boring discussion.Sensitive people may feel tired from parties.Focusing too much on others and forgetting yourself.A word, a gesture or even a look from another person can cause him discomfort.Faced with similar situations, others may not notice.In addition to genetic factors, hypersensitivity can also be a result of past experience.Because the wrong words I said in the past hurt others and affected my interpersonal relationship, I have to think carefully about what I say now and always pay attention to the mood changes of others.Sensitive is a neutral word, but on the upside, sensitive people are more empathic with others and often have a strong sense of empathy.Self-abased psychology makes oneself at a loss in the party.People with low self-esteem are always concerned about others’ evaluation of themselves, trying to gain recognition, want to do something to prove themselves, but they are afraid that their words and deeds will cause others discomfort.In the process of others’ conversation, I want to participate in others’ topics, but I am afraid of saying the wrong thing. If I don’t participate, I am afraid of others’ thinking that I am not fit in.So, even if you haven’t done anything, once the party is over, it can feel like a few days of work, and it takes a long time to wind down again.Forcing yourself to be perfect makes you miserable at parties.Being hard on yourself, wanting to be liked by everyone, and even wanting to be the center of attention.Can discover no matter oneself how do, always can somebody is not very like oneself of time, can have loss and weak feeling.Comparison psychology.Some people’s progress and growth seem to be waiting for the moment when others will look up to them.There is a sense of emptiness and loss when you realize that other people don’t care that much about you and don’t care about your success or failure at all.Also have a few people to be able to produce psychological unbalance because of the party, discover others everything is better than oneself, overexaggerate oneself weakness and the advantage of others.People may choose to get together for some purpose and benefit, to gain others’ approval, to eliminate loneliness, to relieve their anxiety about life and so on.The reason why I feel uncomfortable because of the party is precisely because I have expectations for the party itself, expecting that the party can bring what I want. Once this expectation is not reached, I will be upset and chagrin.To get over the after-party hangover, try to accept yourself as you are, even if there is a risk of being hated. The more you dare not say or do, the more you should try to do it without expecting too much.Identify the purpose of each meeting and reduce unnecessary meeting time.In the end, Ms. Yang jiang was quoted as saying, “We used to look forward so much to the recognition of the outside world, only to realize that the world belongs to us and has nothing to do with others.”